Systems of Care & Wraparound Initiative (SOCWI)

This project provides training, workforce development and systemic support for the statewide implementation of a Wraparound service delivery model for children living in Oregon. Core principles and values associated with Wraparound, as outlined through the National Wraparound Initiative, serve as practical model to operationalize a Systems of Care approach across youth, adult and family serving systems.

Systemic successes demonstrated by Oregon’s Statewide Children’s Wraparound Initiative serve as a useful and relevant guide for CCOs. SCWI had 3 demonstration sites serving 240 youth and findings suggest that within a year of implementation, costs for children’s mental health services were significantly lower relative to Non-SCWI sites. During the years studied, SCWI sites also had a much smaller increase in overall costs than Non-SCWI sites. The stated goals of CCOs – better health, better care and lower costs – are closely aligned with those of Wraparound and SOC.


To learn more, view the handouts below. For questions not related to the RFA, please contact  Brooke Rizor, Director of the Systems of Care Institute (503-725-5914;

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