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Children’s Justice Act: Reducing the Trauma To Children during Child Abuse Investigations, Removal and Out-of-Home Placement


Training Curriculum – Reducing the Trauma of Investigation, Removal and Out-of-Home Placement in Child Abuse Cases  (adaptable to various audiences)

This 3 hour curriculum includes training modules with the following:

Note:Power point slides were not converted to pdf because there is a slide that includes an animated picture that doesn’t work in the pdf version. 

NOTE: For information about ongoing training and presentations on this topic for caseworkers and foster/adoptive parents please contact Linda Bello and Sandra McIlhenny at the Child Welfare Partnership, Salem Office.
·  Linda Bello, Child Welfare Trainer; (503) 315-4271,

Video of Stories of Removal

Three parents and a foster youth tell their stories of children’s removal and placement along with highlights of what was done that was helpful in reducing trauma and suggestions for what might have been done differently in their cases to reduce trauma.  The video is arranged so that one or more short sections may be selected for trainings or presentations.

Individual Personal Stories

Story Excerpts by Topic

Link to National Child Traumatic Stress ( training curricula: