Current Projects

Family Assessment Training (Pilot):
Self Sufficiency Family Redesign Project is assisting family coaches and leadership staff from the pilot sites, TANF policy experts, assessment project sponsors, project managers, data analysts and process improvement people.

SSP Leadership for Middle Managers: Leadership Academy for Middle Managers is coordinated by the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute and is a service of the Children’s Bureau.  A collaborative effort by the partners of the Department of Human Services—Self Sufficiency Program (SSP), National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI)—Leadership Academy for Middle Manager (LAMM) and Portland State University.



What We have Done

Introduction to Enhanced Case Management 101: The overall goals of this one-day training is Philosophical basics of the enhanced case management training, Understand how their own values and experiences influence the way they do the work, and Introduction to the specific skills from EDP and BP that reflect the philosophy.

Introduction to Enhanced Case Management 201: 
ECMI 201 builds on and connects to the foundational concepts in the 101 and 301s. The 201 provides additional knowledge and skills in an interactive forum. Emphasis is on practical application for all staff to work with families from a strength-based, collaborative, relational framework in an outcome driven system.

Introduction to Enhanced Case Management 301: By the end of the presentation/session, participants will be able to: Apply the enhanced case management training initiative philosophy and how it builds upon participants previous DHS case management training.   

EMCI 301 for DPU: Enhanced Case Management concepts specific to DPU work. This session will focus on the same foundational skills and philosophies, allowing for exploration and practical application.

SSTU and Policy Analyst Training, PART A
SSTU and Policy Analyst Training, PART B: Build on existing  skills related to the Enhanced Case Management Initiative as it applies to training and coaching. Focus will be on exploration and practical application of Trauma Informed Care, Strengths Based and other foundational elements.