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Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

Below is a list of current research projects we are conducing, and any available products we are able to share. You can also view our completed projects on this topic.

Retrospective Evaluation of Child Welfare Involvement for Early Head Start Participants


Funding: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010-2016

Contact: Beth Green


Research on Early Head Start (EHS) have shown positive parenting and child development outcomes for participating families. To-date, however, there has not been an investigation of whether the EHS program is effective in helping to prevent child maltreatment. The current study is gather child maltreatment data on the Early Head Start and control samples at four research and program sites (California, Kansas, Vermont, Washington). In collaboration with NPC Research and Harvard University’s Brazelton Touchpoints Center, Dr. Green and her colleagues are collecting and analyzing state administrative child welfare data at five study sites in order to answer the following questions:

  • How many parents in the sample have been involved in the child welfare system (report, substantiated report, out-of-home placement)?   
  • Does the percentage of parents involved in the child welfare system significantly differ between EHS participants and the control sample? 
  • Was EHS involved in the reporting and if so, what was the role of the program? 
  • Can maltreatment be predicted from other information about children and families collected through the EHS research study? 
  • What are the factors that increase or decrease these children’s risk of maltreatment, and to what extent does EHS play a role in buffering these risks?


Children's Trust Fund of Oregon Evaluation of Funded Projects

Funding: Children's Trust Fund of Oregon (CTFO), Ongoing
Contact: Katherine Cahn


Work with CTFO Board of Directors and Executive Director to capture learning across programs from the thirty or more grant-funded child abuse prevention activities supported by the trust fund every year. Provide support to individual programs in their approach to quality assurance and program evaluation.