CCF Team of Child Welfare Experts

We have 18 in-house subject matter experts for the child welfare field. They are organized alphabetically by last name and their contact information is available when you click their name. A directory including administrative & techincal support staff is available under Contact CCF. For additional information about the services we can provide, please contact our Executive Director, Katharine Cahn.



Areas of Practice
Jeffrey Asprocolas Research Associate, Child Welfare Partnership Youth transition from foster care, permanency planning for older youth, child interviewing
Linda Bello Trainer Administrator, MSW Supervision, child sexual abuse, trauma-informed practice, permanency
Andrea Bellows

Training Specialist, MSW

Permanency, placement, neglect, ethics, vicarious trauma, visitation, mandatory reporting
Tim Boettcher Training Specialist, MS Ed & MA Foster parents, pre-adoptive parents, relative caregivers
Katharine Cahn

Executive Director, Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services, PhD

Racial equity, supervision, leadership, systems change, systems of care, youth voice, family voice
Joanna Crawford Training Specialist, MA Screening, mandatory reporting, trauma-informed practice, child interviewing, cultural considerations, child development
Thuan Duong Research Associate Youth & family voice, equity in child welfare practice & evaluation, Oregon's Title IV-E Waiver interventions and evaluation, aging out of foster care, feminist and emancipatory methods in child welfare research, qualitative research methods
Shelly Field Training Specialist, BS Permanency
Carrie Furrer Research Assistant Professor Family decision meetings, peer parent mentoring, family engagement, quantitative research methods
Dan Garris Training Specialist, MA Supervision
Shantika Green Training Specialist, MSW Visitation, child interviewing, cultural considerations, fatherhood, adoption
Kellie Herold Project Coordinator/Life Training, BS Permanency, recruitment, adoption
Lea Ann Holder

Assistant Director, Child Welfare Education Program, MSW

Workforce development, Indian child welfare policy development and practice delivery, trauma informed care, cultural resiliency
Marty Lowrey

Director of Workforce Development, MSW

Leadership, supervision, project management, family systems, values, ethics
Frannie McMahon Training Specialist, BS Foster care certification, adoption


Karen Moorhead

Assistant Professor of Practice, MSW

Permanency, legal isues, field placement
Kirsten O'Dell Senior Research Associate, Child Welfare Partnership Child welfare workforce development, training evaluation
Deborah Reed

LAMM Project Manager, MSW

Change management, coaching, leadership, workforce development, group process, behavioral management, program development/ management, clinical care management, clinical supervision, legistlative analyses, child welfare policy
Daniel Schneider Training Specialist, JD Family engagement, permanency, caregivers, child neglect, legal issues
Jennifer Scholes Training Specialist, MA Caregivers, domestic violence, child development, parenting, attachment, trauma-informed practices
Kristine Villanueva Assistant Training Manager, Child Welfare Partnership, MSW Foster care certification, adoption, relative caregivers
Michelle Warden Training Specialist, MSW Visitation, neglect, child interviewing, ICWA, maintaining family connections, supervision