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Meet Danny Ryel
Meet Danny Ryel

Danny is the Office Coodinator in Advising & Career Services, after working as a student employee for over two years. 

Danny recently graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Film Studies, minoring in Women’s Studies. After working in Advising & Career Services for over two years as a student employee - beginning at the front desk and ending as the Marketing & Design Student Assistant - they took a temporary position as the Office Manager. Their experience as both a student and an employee of PSU helps them navigate the variety of needs ACS encounters with all of the populations it serves. 

Danny is a Portland, Oregon native who believes in fostering a culture of collaboration and equity. Their interest in film lies primarily in documentary production, and Danny is continually working on films that tell the stories of people within marginalized communities. Come say hello and set up an appointment with the wonderful advisers and counselors at ACS with either Danny or the fantastic front desk staff!