TUR 341U Turkish Literature in English Translation
Author: World Languages & Literatures
Posted: September 24, 2013

(4 Credits) Fall 2013

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:00-3:05pm

"...A clock out of order, broken or defective, seemed to [Nuri Efendi] like a sick man. This, by its very nature, was pardonable. But there was no excuse for an unadjusted clock. It was a social offense, a frightful sin (...) [Running after seconds] means that not even a second is wasted if the watch is well adjusted. And what are we doing? What is the city doing? We are losing half of our time because of unadjusted watches." from The Time Regulation Institute by A. H. Tanpinar, 1962

TUR 341 U: Read masters of Turkish literature in English translation:
excerpts from novels, stories by YASHAR KEMAL, SAIT FAIK, AZIZ NESIN, SEVGI SOYSAL, ELIF SHAFAK, LATIFE TEKIN, ORHAN PAMUK (2006 NOBEL PRIZE for literature)... Get a taste of court and modern poetry; traditional and modern drama

TUR 341 U:

  • An adviser approved elective for WLL majors.
  • An upper division culture course for WLL minors in Turkish.
  • University Studies: Global Studies.
  • International Studies: the Middle East regional focus.
  • A Turkish Studies Certificate culture course.


For more information contact Prof. Basci (aka. K.Grehan) at the Department of WLL.