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Graduate/Professional School

Are you thinking about applying to graduate school?

Graduate and professional schools offer an opportunity to undertake advanced study in areas of interest with more specificity and direction. Some professions require an advanced degree such as law, medicine, and postsecondary teaching while other may prefer trainings and relevant work experience in the field. If you are uncertain about your career goal, applying to a graduate program may not be a right choice. Making an informed decision about pursuing a graduate or professional degree requires an in-depth self-analysis, research of schools, and creating a plan of action.

Advising and Career Services offers workshops and resources to help you demystify the process of applying to graduate school. We accomplish this by organizing a series of speakers, panel & information sessions and one-on-one consultation on the following topics:

  • Experts come to PSU such as Don Asher, Kaplan and the Writing Center. View Don Asher's latest lecture "Bound for Graduate School."
  • Should I go to grad school?
  • Faculty perspective on admissions to graduate programs
  • How can undergraduates gain research experience, refine their interests and become competitive applicants?
  • How to choose a program and thrive in grad school
  • How to ace admissions tests, such as GRE, GMAT, etc.
  • Mock interview, personal statements and resume/cv assistance and critiques

Current workshop schedule
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Words from Graduate School Experts

  • "Graduate School Deadlines and Planning" founder and Harvard alumnus Giulio Rocca discusses how to plan around graduate school deadlines.
  • Donald Asher visited PSU in October 2015 to connect with Portland State students about the application process. View his video Bound for Graduate School. As part of Portland State of Mind, Asher's visit was supported by Advising & Career Services, the Speakers Board and the Alumni Association. Running time: 1 hour 18 min.
  • Donald Asher presents "Getting into Graduate School". He walks you through step-by-step directions on how to successfully get into graduate school. Running time: 51 min. (Note: requires Microsoft Silverlight player plug-in, which is downloadable by accessing the webinar link.)

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