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The School of Business career and academic advisors are dedicated to providing you with the tools to manage your career development effectively. We encourage you to be active participants in your own career development by learning life-long career planning and job search skills. Through career exploration, career advising, experiential learning opportunities, training in job search basics and opportunities that connect students with business professionals, you can forge a path to satisfying employment.

Internship and Job Listings: PSU Handshake

PSU Advising & Career Services posts internship and job opportunities through PSU Handshake. Handshake is open to PSU students of all majors and all years. If you are a current PSU student you already have an account and you may log on with your Odin account.

Career Development

Career Advising

Individual career assistance is available to business students by appointment. Your academic and career advisor can help you find a career direction, develop a job search strategy, select your major, review your resume, do a mock interview with you, and direct you to employment resources. 

PSU Advising & Career Services also offers career counseling and career assessments. Visit the University Career Center site for more information.

Career Development Workshops

  • Visit The School of Business events calendar for upcoming workshops for business students. 
  • Student Groups & Organizations provide workshops throughout the year tailored to specific majors
  • University Career Center provides workshops designed to provide students with basic and essential job search skills and career development advice. Visit the University Career Center events calendar to learn more. Topics include:
    • Resume Review and Cover Letters
    • Interview Skills
    • Networking Skills

Career Resources

Cooperative Education: Internship 404

Internships can involve a wide range of business activities depending on the company. Your internship experience is “learning by doing” and reinforces your academic training, making you more qualified to land a future position in your chosen career. Students may earn academic credit for their internships and typically earn financial compensation.

The online internship course (1 credit, 2 credits, or 4 credits, pass/no pass) is currently offered as:

  • ACTG 404
  • MGMT 404 
  • MKTG 404

Earn credit for your internship through the online course:

  • Secure an internship position 
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Be enrolled in The School of Business
  • If approved, submit verification of your internship
  • Complete the requirements for the course 

Application period for 404 begins one week before registration opens and ends one week before the term starts.

Cooperative Education: Practicum 409

If you have an existing job and would like to earn academic credit for your professional experience, the online practicum class may be for you. You must complete a special project/stretch assignment at your place of employment that is applicable to your major and takes an extra 10 hours/week (throughout the term) above and beyond your standard job duties. The practicum is offered as MGMT 409 (4 credits only, pass/no pass).

Application period for 409 begins one week before registration opens and ends one week before the term starts.