How to Apply

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HR Analytics Graduate Certificate

Admissions Requirements

  • At least one of the following:
    • Two years of professional work experience in HR
    • Bachelor's in Human Resources and one year of professional work experience (preferably in HR)
    • Grade of B or higher in MGMT 442 (HRIS & People Analytics)
  • PSU Minimum Admissions Requirements
  • Grade of B or higher in STAT 241 or STAT 243 (Intro to Statistics) or equivalent

HRA Application Requirements

  1. Professional resume
  2. Unofficial transcripts/mark sheets from each college or university attended.
    1. If admitted, official transcripts must be submitted.
    2. Visit the PSU Admissions website for detailed transcript requirements.
  3. Statement of Purpose: In 500 words or less, please tell us what has led you to pursue this degree. Identify your short-term and long-term career objectives, an explanation of your decision to pursue this degree at this point in your life, and your specific interest in Portland State University’s School of Business.
  4. $67 application fee

Resources for International Students

Application Requirements for Current PSU Graduate Students

  1. Complete a Request for Change of Program form.
    1. Please select the option “I wish to add to my present program...”
    2. The form must be signed by your current academic advisor.
  2. Complete the Graduate Business Certificate Request form.
    1. Purpose statement and resume required
  3. You will be notified of the department’s admission decision via email
  4. If admitted, contact your academic advisor to determine your schedule of courses (both graduate degree and HR Analytics Certificate)

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Application Due Dates

New students start classes in the fall, winter, spring, or summer quarter.

  • Winter Term - December 15
  • Spring Term - March 1
  • Summer Term - June 1
  • Fall Term - August 31

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take classes online? Yes, the six classes are offered online only.
  • Do I have to be enrolled in a graduate program to take courses? No, you do not need to be enrolled in a graduate program at Portland State to take the HR Analytics courses.
  • Are there professional development credits available for the certificate courses? Yes, all six courses have been approved for SHRM PDCs.
  • Do I have to complete the certificate in a single year, or can I take courses over multiple years? You can complete the certificate in 9 months if you begin in Fall term and take six credits towards the certificate Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Alternatively, you can spread the courses out over two or more years if you wish to do so. If possible, however, we recommend beginning the certificate in the Fall and completing it the following Spring.
  • Which term do you recommend that I begin the certificate? We encourage those who have been admitted to the certificate to begin Fall term if possible, as we designed the courses to “flow” from Fall to Winter to Spring; plus, doing so allows for completion of the certificate in 9 months. Beginning in Winter also works, but because we don’t offer the certificate courses over Summer, the certificate would be completed at the end of the following Fall. Because the MGMT 552 (HR Analytics Capstone) course is the only certificate course with another certificate course as a prerequisite (i.e., MGMT 542), someone who begins the certificate in Spring would only be able to take one of the courses that term (i.e., MGMT 553), and thus could – at the earliest – complete the certificate at the end of Spring the following year; consequently, we don’t generally recommend that students begin the certificate in the Spring.
  • Is this an HR Information Systems (HRIS) certificate? No, this certificate is focused specifically on HR analytics. Although some courses will reference HRIS concepts and teach key data-management skills, the certificate does not train students on how to use specific HRIS platforms.
  • What kinds of statistical analyses does this certificate teach how to apply? This certificate teaches how to apply classic descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, such as measures of central tendency and dispersion (e.g., mean, standard deviation), chi-square test of independence, mean-comparison analyses (e.g., t-test, analysis of variance), correlation, linear regression, polynomial regression, logistic regression, path analysis, survival analysis, text analysis, common nonparametric analyses, and foundational machine learning tools and analyses (e.g., k-fold cross-validation, LASSO regression).
  • Does this certificate teach how to use Tableau or PowerBI? Yes, MGMT 553 (HR Data Visualization) teaches how to create dashboards using either Tableau or PowerBI.
  • Does this certificate teach Structured Query Language (SQL)? No, this certificate does not teach SQL for use with database management systems.
  • Does this certificate teach the programming language R? Yes, three of the courses in this certificate teach how to use the programming language R to manage, analyze, and visualize data. That said, no prior knowledge of any programming language is assumed when teaching R. By focusing on a single language, our goal is to provide consistency across courses and to allow students to learn one language in depth as opposed to shallow exposures to multiple languages. Often, learning how to use one language makes it easier to learn a second language.
  • Does this certificate teach the programming language Python? No – not officially. While there may be some optional Python tutorials, these are not required and are provided simply to show how similar data-analytic processes can be carried in R or Python.
  • If I have questions about PSU graduate programs and certificates in general, whom should I contact? Please contact Graduate Business Programs Admissions Advising.
  • If I have specific questions about the HR Analytics Graduate Certificate curriculum and its courses, whom should I contact? Please contact David Caughlin: