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Future business leaders can be found right here on our campus in the heart of Portland. Whether you’re looking to reach new graduates passionate about changing the world through their work or current students with an innovative, fresh perspective, you can nurture connections with tomorrow’s top talent right here at Portland State. We offer a multitude of ways for employers to engage with PSU’s diverse undergraduate and graduate business students.

Hire PSU Business Students or Alumni

Full- or Part-Time Positions

Your hiring needs are unique. Our career services team starts with a deep understanding of what you’re looking for and how our diverse, highly motivated students can further your goals. From job postings to career fairs, we have a variety of avenues for you to connect with our pool of qualified alumni and students. 

Employers can create an account on our career portal, Handshake. Each posting is vetted to ensure a fit for our high-quality talent pool; if we are unable to accept your listing, we can refer you to other resources.  Approved postings are listed for one month.


Experiential, community-based learning plays a key role in the curriculum at The School of Business, and internships offer exceptional value to students and employers alike. Year-round full- or part-time and summer internships can bolster an employer’s team during a key season while helping to cultivate the regional business community’s newest leaders.

Interns should be mentored, trained, and supervised as appropriate to the position. The work they do should be developmental in nature, and offer a relevant learning experience. 

Information Sessions and Career Fairs

Hosting an on-campus recruiting event can be a great way to meet potential candidates in person and build company awareness among PSU business students. We provide on-campus facilities for employers to host information sessions, free of charge or we can coordinate webinars or online forums for information sessions. In these sessions, you can profile what it is like to work at your company, share what career paths you have available for current students or recent grads and communicate about your hiring processes and timelines. Most events include a 30 - 40 minute presentation and then time for questions, but we can help you customize the session to meet your needs. If you are interested, please contact us to schedule an event for business students.

Another opportunity to connect with potential candidates is to attend a career fair. There are a number of career fairs hosted on or near campus throughout the year. Some career fairs are specialized for specific audiences and others are open to all PSU students. 

On-Campus Interviews

Many employers choose to follow up information sessions or career fairs with on-campus interviews. Please contact us to schedule interview rooms.


This university-wide cooperative education program integrates undergraduate classroom experience with paid, supervised work experience for students in all business concentrations. The program will match employers with students through a competitive application process. Select local companies are partnering with PSU in the program; find out more about the process on the PSU CO-OP page.

Engage with Our Students 

Our highly ranked business programs include opportunities for employers – corporate, start-up, small business, government and nonprofit included – to connect with our students in meaningful, collaborative ways. These include:

  • Participating in mentorship programs that help students gain clarity around their career goals and develop their own business network.
  • Supporting student organizations focused on relevant industries and topics.
  • Hosting informational interviews that help students develop interview skills and learn more about the regional business community.

Business Strategy Capstone Program

Students in The School of Business are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for societal, ecological and environmental success. As part of their final-year coursework, undergraduate and graduate students complete a Business Strategy Capstone project while working closely with a community partner organization. This program not only offers students valuable real-world experience before entering the job market, but also helps organizations solve their most pressing strategic issues. Contact the following faculty to learn more:

Contact Employer Relations 

For questions and to get started with any of our programs, please reach out to the Employer Relations team: