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Internship Program

 The PSU BOP internship program allows students from the School of Business Administration (SBA) at Portland State University to gain experience as business consultants. Interns are placed with client businesses on an as-needed basis to provide specific assistance to the client and practical experience for the students.  Frequently, these targeted assignments are in marketing, finance, accounting, human resources and general management. Most internships involve research and recommendations to the client as well as hands on experience of assisting and sometimes leading the implementation of recommendations.  Interns work in a diverse team framework consisting of the business owner, a management counselor from the BOP, firm employees, and sometimes other students. 

Intern Testimonials

"As an intern with the BOP I learned that most small business owners have a wonderful passion for their product or service, what they struggle with is the business side – the systems, processes, and recordkeeping, that are required to gain an accurate picture of overall business success and enable owners to grow their business – that's the part we are able to help with."
-Senior Intern, Management/Human Resources

A local business owner with her student team.

"My internship with the Business Outreach Program has given
me the opportunity to apply theory to real business environments. Having the
opportunity to work with a wide range of clients from multiple industries has
increased my breadth of knowledge and versatility as a consultant.”
-Marketing Intern, Isaac Johnson


“The work I do with the BOP has given me invaluable professional experience. Through this internship, not only have I developed and honed valuable professional skills, I have also added significant qualifications to my resume that have already opened doors toward my career aspirations. In conjunction with school, this internship has amplified my learning and propelled me forward professionally.”
-Accounting Intern, Michael Fromherz