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Small Businesses

Small businesses are essential to the local economy. Within Portland 60% of businesses are microenterprises with five or fewer employees. Nearly 80% have fewer than ten employees. The PSU Business Outreach Program (BOP) exists to help you sustain and grow your small business. We support you in your efforts to improve business and financial knowledge and security, so that you can begin and maintain to become a valuable contributor to yourself, your family and your community. 

Supporting Under-Served Entrepreneurs

Currently, nearly 90% of our clients are low-to-moderate income individuals. The PSU BOP mission is to support under-served entrepreneurs including minority and women-owned firms. Of our current Long-Term business support clients:

  • 90% are low-to-moderate income individuals
  • 35% are minority owned
  • 75% are women owned
  • 85% are in operation and generating revenue
Many businesses engaged in the PSU BOP’s long-term support programs are focusing on developing their businesses in disadvantaged neighborhoods, with an effort to improve and contribute to their community and its development. Together, we offer comprehensive services that include:

  • One-on-One Consulting
  • Technical assistance in all disciplines:
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Management Practices
    • Business Operations
    • Accounting
    • Loan Readiness
  • QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Training
  • Business Development Workshops
  • Market Research

Looking for immediate help?

PSU Business Outreach Program (BOP) offers a five-week Business Development Workshop Series, available to individuals in all stages of business development, from concept phase to ongoing operations. 

Click here for additional information and upcoming workshop dates.


Long-Term Client Eligibility

Eligibility for long-term support varies by program, and is based on a combination of factors, including household income, demographic information, and business stage, industry and location.

The PSU Business Outreach Program gives service preference to minority and/or women-owned small businesses. If you do not fit within those groups you may still be eligible to receive our services.

For further inquiry regarding client eligibility, please contact us.

Interested in becoming a client? Fill out an application for long-term support. Though we do not enroll clients continually throughout the year, your application will be held for consideration during our next review period, which typically occurs quarterly. If you are selected for an interview you will be contacted.

If you have questions: contact us.