About Us

The Business Outreach Program (BOP) at Portland State University provides technical assistance and business consulting services to locally owned, small businesses, with a focus on emerging, minority, and women-owned enterprises.

Our Mission

The Business Outreach Program's mission is to help local small businesses, including emerging, minority and women-owned businesses, achieve their potential while providing students with opportunities for community based learning.



The Business Outreach Program (BOP) was founded in 1994 with a vision of providing management assistance to emerging businesses.


Since inception, the BOP has been providing technical assistance and business consulting services to small business owners and micro-entrepreneurs through workshops, trainings and peer based learning opportunities, as well as through professional one-on-one consulting to clients enrolled in our long-term support programs.


In conjunction with providing services to business owners, the BOP provides PSU students with a unique opportunity to engage in community-based learning, through firsthand business consulting and professional development experiences with local small businesses and service providers.


We are located in the Karl Miller Center: 

615 SW Harrison St, Ste. 265
Portland, OR 97201

Phone: 503-725-9820  
Email: psubop@pdx.edu




Our Services

Together, we offer comprehensive services that include:

  • One-on-One Consulting
  • Technical assistance in all disciplines:
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Management Practices
    • Business Operations
    • Accounting
    • Loan Readiness
  • QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Training
  • Business Development Workshops
  • Peer-based learning and networking
  • Market Research

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Business Outreach Program Staff and Interns

Our Staff

Lara Damon, Executive Director
Jacob Taddy, Business Advisor
Gavin D'Avanther, Business Advisor
Elizabeth Feldman, Business Advisor
Emily Galash, Business Advisor
Scott Robinson, Business Advisor
Erica Schubach, Associate Accounting Advisor
Stephanie Duncker, Administrative Assistant
Jessica Huber, Accounting Intern
Keonna Ollison, Associate Business Advisor

Erica Baldwin, Associate Business Advisor
Email: erica.baldwin@pdx.edu