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Long Term Institutional Fiscal Strategies

Final Report of the Long Term Fiscal Strategies Committee

The President's Charge

Charge to the Committee on Long Term Institutional Fiscal Strategies (02-23-2009)

President's Memo to Campus Community (02-25-09)

The Committee

Committee on Long Term Institutional Fiscal Strategies Contact List (Updated 4-8-09)

Committee Minutes - March 13, 2009

Committee Minutes - April 1, 2009

Committee Minutes - April 8, 2009

Committee Minutes - April 22, 2009

Committee Minutes - May 6, 2009

Committee Minutes - May 13, 2009

Committee Minutes - May 20, 2009

Committee Minutes - May 27, 2009

Committee Minutes - June 3, 2009

Committee Minutes - June 24, 2009


Budget & Support Materials

Unused Capacity Analysis

FADM Budget Briefing Presentation (03-13-09)

Student Fee Committee Budget Allocation- (08-09)

OUS Fiscal Policies Flowchart

Historical Budget Reduction Materials

White Paper of the 2003 Budget Priorities Committee

Support Materials- 2003 Budget Reduction Committee

Peer Comparisons

Trends in College Spending

Differential Tuition at Public Universities: Models and Implementation Strategies

OUS FTE Comparisons

OUS International Students and Diversity Comparisons

OUS Residency Comparisons

OUS Budget and Facilities Comparisons

OUS Performance Report

OUS Peer Groups for PSU

Average UG Tuition & Fees At Doctoral-Level Public Institutions

Comparison of Full-time In-state UG tuition & Fees for PSU Peers

National Comparison of Budget Reduction Strategies

PSU's Statistical Portrait

Fall Term Factbook 2008 (4th Week)

Statistical Portrait 2007-2008

PSU Enrollment - Trends at a Glance