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Learn Turkish
Author: World Languages & Literatures
Posted: September 24, 2013

Fall 2013

First, Second & Third-Year Turkish classes begin in Fall at the the Department of World Languages and Literatures (WLL).

Take Turkish to fulfill a language requirement, to attain a certificate, to pursue an undergraduate minor in Turkish language and literature at PSU's WLL.

TUR 101 First-Year Turkish: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:15-11:20am (4 credits)

TUR 201 Second-Year Turkish: Tuesday, Thursday 10:00-11:50am (4 credits)

TUR 301 Third-Year Turkish: Tuesday, Thursday 12:00-13:50 (4 credits)

[TURKISH language courses are consecutive and classes begin *only* in Fall. After Fall, placement is possible through testing.]

Modern standard Turkish is a Ural-Altaic Language, spoken in the Middle East, Balkans and Europe and written in Latin script.

Turkish is a highly regular, rule-bound agglutinative language.

Turkic Languages are spoken by over 200 million peoples of the world in the Middle East, the Balkans, Turkic republics of former Soviet Union, in parts of Iran and Iraq, and by 'guest workers' from Turkey in European countries such as Germany, Holland and France.

TURKISH is listed among 'critical' area languages by the US Department of State.

Turkey is a leading country in the Middle East, a candidate to European Union membership, a member of NATO, and an economic partner to the US.  Turkey is the imagined East of the West, West of the Middle East and an under-explored jewel of the Mediterranean.

For more information contact the Department (503-725-3522) or Professor Basci (aka. K. Grehan) at the Department of World Languages and Literatures.