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RapidMade: Your Partner for the Future
RapidMade: Your Partner for the Future

RapidMade creates additive manufacturing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, fostering on-shore competitive advantages in advanced manufacturing and is a Portland State University Business Accelerator company-in-residence. Using revolutionary 3D printing technologies, RapidMade allows clients to maximize the form and function of objects made of metals, plastics, and full-color ceramics. RapidMade’s 3D manufacturing technologies provide their clients fast, affordable production of prototypes, customized design capability, the manufacturing of geometries too complex to machine, and the inexpensive production of any number of objects clients require.

RapidMade is pleased to have worked for inventors, companies in the cleantech industry, government agencies, industrial designers, architects, and medical device companies, and RapidMade offers all of its clients the full range of digital fabrication technology from 3D scanning and printing to finishing processes.

RapidMade is a recipient of a PSU Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Grant sponsored by the Portland Development Commission and has worked with PSU students on capstone projects and joint research with the Department of Computer Science at PSU.

If you have any questions about additive manufacturing or want to learn more about how RapidMade can help your business secure a competitive advantage, visit: