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Clean Challenge Semi Finalist: Green Innovations Inc.
Clean Challenge Semi Finalist: Green Innovations Inc.


Clean Challenge semi-finalists, Heber Miguel and Michael Boros of Green Innovations Inc. want to provide shipping and trucking companies in the Metro region and beyond the diesel to fuel their fleets for $1.99/gal.

Using proprietary technologies developed by company co-founder and PSU student Michael Boros, Green Innovation Inc. recycles waste oils to produce affordable diesel fuel. When operating at full capacity, one of Green Innovation Inc.'s systems is capable of converting as much as 155,000 gallons of dirty oil into diesel fuel a month.

With the Clean Challenge development grant, Green Innovations Inc. plans on upgrading their technology and building a working prototype capable of producing diesel 2. In the three months between the first round of the Challenge and the presentation at Best Fest, they plan to develop strategic partnerships with companies like Jiffy Lube and Oil Can Henry's and build a customer base.

If successful Green Innovations Inc. could provide affordable fuel to shipping and trucking companies while recycling millions of gallons of dirty oil a year. Learn more about Green Innovations Inc. here.

Authored by Shaun McGillis
Posted May 31, 2013