Madelyn Parsons, new full-time accounting instructor at The School of Business
Author: Crista Tappan, The School of Business
Posted: June 25, 2019
Madelyn Parsons

Madelyn Parsons is the newest full-time instructor of accounting for The School of Business.

“As an Alabama transplant, I am fascinated by the way we work and firmly believe in the value of helping others succeed, whether it is a student, a client or a coworker," said Parsons.

Prior to working in higher education, Parsons worked in the tax practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers, giving her real-life knowledge and skills that she integrates into her curriculum. She is also the co-faculty advisor for Beta Alpha Psi, PSU's accounting and finance honors society.

Parsons curates the weekly accounting newsletter, which is a wealth of knowledge, regularly including professional development tips, upcoming recruiting events, and employment opportunities.  

Parsons discusses her journey of becoming a faculty member at The School of Business, the unique background she brings to the school and her goals for the future.

What brought you to The School of Business?
After working for several years as a teaching assistant through my undergraduate and graduate studies in accounting, I knew that I was interested in eventually building a career in higher education. During my time in public accounting, I began to test the waters for opportunities in higher education. A friend of mine, who was a PSU alum, referred me to the accounting faculty at PSU and before I knew it, I was an adjunct for ACTG 381, the first intermediate course. That rolled into a full-time instructor position, which quickly became an all-encompassing position of not only teaching classes, but working with the accounting students to ensure their success in recruiting and coordinating with employers to bring more opportunities for our students on campus. This all happened much faster than I anticipated, but I am very thankful that it did.

What is your area of focus and/or specialty?
During my time in public accounting, I worked in a variety of client service roles in the PricewaterhouseCooper’s tax practice. At PSU, I am a generalist within the accounting field- does that make me a specialized generalist? Ha! In the classroom, I instruct financial accounting classes (BA211, ACTG 381 & 383). Outside of the classroom, I advise our accounting students on their professional and career development. I guess you could say I am slowly transforming into a jack of all trades. 

Where did you go to college?
I completed both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting at Auburn University. 

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I ran my own photography business, primarily focused on weddings, for five years. I still dabble from time to time. 

What brings you joy in working at The School of Business?
In short- the impact of the work that we are doing here and the people that I get to do it with. I absolutely love what I do.

In large part due to our student population, we all have the ability and, often the opportunity, to have a life-changing impact on our students’ futures. And if anyone is feeling like they have lost sight of why the work that they do here matters, I would encourage them to read the student stories that are often featured in the monthly School of Business newsletter.

I am incredibly lucky to be in a position that facilitates some of these life-changing opportunities, so I get to feel a lot of the direct impacts that our resources and our work has on our students. To guide a student through not believing in their abilities at the beginning of fall term, to just a few months later signing a full time job offer at a world-renowned firm, making more money than anyone in their family has made—that is what fuels me to do every single bit of work that I do here.

This work would not be the same without our incredible students that are constantly seeking for more. I’m blown away on a weekly basis at the drive and commitment that our students have and feel incredibly honored to work with them. They have changed me and taught me so much over this past year.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the support and constant encouragement that I receive from the accounting faculty and the undergraduate programs office. I feel very thankful to work with such an incredible group of academics and professionals that are invested in the wellbeing of their colleagues and the success of our students.

You obviously can’t see it now, but I can’t talk about this without having a huge smile and glassy eyes. Have I mentioned that I love what I do??

What are your goals for your future?
To continue to make a difference everyday…am I sounding too cliché here? I want to continue improving our student offerings. I want to advocate more for our students so that employers fully realize the talent coming through our university. I want every student to know that we are fully invested in their success as a future professional.  I want to make it possible for all of our students to have the opportunity to graduate PSU with a full-time job offer in hand, or not far behind. That might seem a little pie in the sky, but I don’t have any doubts that it can all be done. Like I mentioned earlier, we have an incredible group of academics and professionals working to make these things happen and I get to play a part in that.