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Amie Thurber
Amie Thurber


  • Assistant Professor
  • PhD in Community Research and Action, Vanderbilt University
  • MSW, University of Montana
  • MAEd, University of Montana
  • BFA, University of Montana
PSU History

Started in Fall 2018 as an Assistant Professor.


Community practice, community development, social justice education, neighborhood and community based
organizing, non-profit administration, organizational development and consulting, dispute resolution, program
development and evaluation; social action group work, intergroup dialogue, place-based interventions, community-
engaged public art and history projects, critical participatory action research.

Academic/Research Interests
  • Theory development: Exploring the effects of gentrification and other forms of neighborhood change on
    community well-being; studying approaches to equitable development; understanding the roles of place
    attachment to well-being; theories and processes of social justice.
  • Practice development: Community and place-based interventions that foster place attachments, social ties,
    and civic action; policy and organizing strategies that advance equitable development; social justice
    education; interprofessional practice in social work.
  • Methodological development: Community driven, participatory approaches to inquiry; community-engaged
    teaching and learning.
Personal Interests
  • Getting my hands dirty (gardening, making art, building stuff)
  • Moving my body (walking, running, rowing)
  • Exploring where I live (visiting farms, attending community arts events, learning area history)
  • Hanging with friends, family, and creatures (cooking, crafting, adventuring in the vanagan)


Curriculum Vitae