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Pedro Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1995.

M.A. Anthropology/Archaeology, University of South Carolina, Columbia, 1991.

B.A. Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1988



Assistant Professor. Core teaching faculty with appointments in the Department of Black Studies and the University Studies Program, September, 2005-present.  Classes taught in Black Studies on the history, culture and society of the Caribbean and Latin America, Race and Racism; Senior Capstone classes with focus on food systems, urban design and civic engagement.  

Visiting Professor. Universidad Latina de America, Morelia, Mexico. AHA Northwest Council for Study Abroad, University of Oregon. Winter term 2009. Classes taught: "Race, Class and Identity in Latin America" and "Food Systems: Local to Global."

Adjunct Assistant Professor. Appointments in the following departments: Black Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, International Studies, Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon. Classes and seminars taught on topics of the history and culture of the Caribbean region, ethnicity, race and identity, colonialism and globalization, community organizing and civic engagement. June, 1998 - August, 2005.  

Instructor Red Rose School, Portland, Oregon. Seminars taught in continuing education program for community development. April, 1999 - May, 2002.

Instructor/Supervisor Global Graduates Internship Program, University of Oregon, Corvallis. Coordination and advising of internships at local institution (Historical Archives of Santiago) in the Dominican Republic. January - June, 1998.  

Instructor Study Abroad Program, Spelman and Moorehouse Colleges, Atlanta, Georgia. Class and seminar taught on environment and culture of the Dominican Republic. May - August, 1996.  


Organizer and Presenter for The Village Building Convergence, Portland, Oregon 2001-present. Initiated and coordinated national scale events on community development, natural building and permaculture.  

Organizer "Beyond Vietnam... Beyond Iraq" community discussion. Center For Black Studies, Portland State University, Portland, 2003.  

Instructor Janus Social Services, City of Portland, Oregon. Designed and taught classes on Latino cultural competency for area social workers. 2001.


Anthropology/Archaeology Editor, Publications Editor Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink and Kacike: Journal of Caribbean History and Anthropology. Research, writing and editing for the 2 largest Caribbean Amerindian issue websites. and June, 1999 - present.

Director, Principal Investigator Department of Anthropology and Education, Archivo Historico de Santiago. Field researcher, project coordinator, instructor, advisor, public speaker, and curator for historical and cultural projects for four years at the public archives of Santiago, Dominican Republic. Representative and key spokesperson for the local institution; interacted professionally with City, Regional, and International leaders; developed workshops and curriculae for local high school history and social studies teachers; organized archaeological and cultural collections of the archives; initiated projects with other local organizations including fieldwork, tours, public presentations, and publications. November, 1994 - June, 1998; emeritus affiliation and research ongoing.  

Consultant and Tour Director Caballo Loco Tours, Dominican Republic. Organizer and field guide on archaeological, cultural, and ecological tours at historical sites in the Cibao Valley and coastal areas. October, 1993 - June, 1998.  

Project Coordinator Ruta de Colon Investigations, Dominican Republic. Co-director and researcher on scientific expeditions and historical commemorations of the first Spanish colonial routes in the Dominican Republic. November, 1994 - April, 1995.  

Field Director Chacuey Archaeological Project, Dominican Republic. Mapping and survey of Taino archaeological sites, Dajabon. March - September, 1995.



President, V.P. People's Food Cooperative, Portland, OR.

Division/Clinton Business Association, Portland, OR.

7 Corners Localization Initiative, Portland, OR.

Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition, Portland, OR.

Asociacion Dominicana de Antropologia y Arqueologia, Dominican Republic.


Vice President for Political Affairs, Portland State Faculty Association, Portland, OR. 2003-2005.

Delegate to 52nd American Federation of Teachers State Convention. Member of Bargaining Committee for 2003-2005 contract.


Coalition for a Livable Future, Portland, OR. Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Coalition, Portland, OR.

Vision Council, City Repair Project, Portland, OR.

Neighborhood Traffic Safety Campaign, Portland, OR.


Let Knowledge Serve the City Academic Research Collective, Portland, OR.

Laughing Horse Books, Portland, OR.


Globalization Study Group, Re-Thinking Schools, Portland, OR.

Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Portland, OR.

Alianza Cibaena cultural association, Dominican Republic.

Sociedad Ecologico del Cibao environmental agency, Dominican Republic.

Diversity Action Committee, Southeast Uplift, Portland, OR.

The City Repair Project, Portland, OR.


Society for American Archaeology.

International Association for Caribbean Archaeology

Sigma XI, the Scientific Research Society.

Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink.

Portland State Faculty Association, American Association for University Professors


  • Created and currently teach "Natural Food Industry" Capstone, partnering with local food businesses and non-profits including Peoples Food Cooperative, Food Front and Alberta Food Coops, Oregon Sustainable Agricultural Landtrust, Ecotrust, and Food Industry Leadership Center of Portland State University.
    7 years experience teaching Capstones on sustainability topics, with community partners City Repair and the Re Building Center of Our United Villages.
    Co-created and organized the Village Building Convergence ( since its inception in 2001, bringing together thousands of Portland neighbors and regional participants to design and conduct hands on community projects with sustainability themes; created opportunities for Portland State students to take leadership roles in this conference.
    Organized and co-created the 501©3 City Repair Project non-profit organization which assists in public placemaking projects.
    Community organizing in various neighborhoods in Portland and advocacy work in City Government to pass an ordinance which allows community members to access and more creatively use their public rights of way toward sustainable community ends.
    Worked extensively with Food For Thought Café during its inception, helping student workers participate with public space projects on campus, including the creation of the earth masonry pizza oven on the park blocks.
    Created opportunities for communities of color to work directly on sustainability projects on Portland State campus, including the PSU Dialogue Dome and earth masonry Book Bench.
    Developed workshops and trainings on sustainable agriculture and local economies through projects at People's Food Cooperative.
    Board President at People's Food Coop, overseeing expansion project which led to five fold growth in sales.
    Board member of Southeast Uplift, the coalition of Southeast Portland's neighborhood associations, collaborated with multiple communities on specific projects.


La Historia Humana y el Fin del Mundo. Invited lecture, Interdisciplinary Studies, Universidad Latina de America, Morelia, Mexico, 2009.

Nutricion y Sociedad. Dia del Nutriologo Conference, Universidad Latina de America, Morelia, Mexico, 2009.

The Politics of Race and Indigenous Survival in the Dominican Republic. Fall Colloquium Series: Race and Identity in Latin America. Portland State University, Portland, 2006.

Vilifying the Village: Colonialism Through History (with Mark Lakeman and Ridwan Nytagodien).The Fourth Village Building Convergence, Portland, OR, 2004.

Designing with the Environment: A Portland Way? Forum on Sustainability and the Economy, School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University, Portland, 2004.  

Food Cooperatives and Food Security. "Voice from the Food System" Panel on Food Security. Interfaith Network for Earth Concerns, Portland, Oregon, 2004.  

Caribbean Archaeology and Taino Survival. International Association for Caribbean Archaeology, Museo del Hombre Dominicano, Santo Domingo, 2003.

Herbal Medicine and the Struggle for Indigenous Survival in the Globalized Dominican Republic. Invited lecture, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, 2003.

Taino Survival and Taino Revival: a Critical Assessment. Identities Series, American Museum of Natural History, New York, 2001.  

Casabe Bread, the Wall of Shame, and Other Topics of Dominican Identity. Second Montesinos Keynote Lecture, Creighton University, Omaha, 1999.

The Taino Heritage of Casabe in the Dominican Republic. Indigenous Legacies of the Caribbean Conference and Field Study, Baracoa, Cuba,1999.  

La Raza, la Cultura, y la Expresion de la Identidad. Invited lecture with performance by Felle Vega, Casa de Arte, Santiago, 1998.  

Taino Heritage in the Dominican Republic. Keynote lecture at the Chacuey Series, Ayuntamiento de Santiago, 1997.  

The Case of the Dominican Republic. Invited lecture, Museo del Barrio "Taino Legacy" planning meeting, New York, 1997.


Ocama Daca Taino: Taino Survival on Hispaniola with a Focus on the Dominican Republic (with Jorge Estevez and Lynne Guitar) in Indigenous Resurgence: Survival and Revival in the Caribbean, edited by Maximilian Forte, Peter Lang Publishers, 2006.

The Indigenous Caribbean. Adelhauser Museum Natur-und VolkerKunde, exhibit of ethnographic photographs from the Caribbean for the Stadtische Museen Freiburg, Germany, 2006, 2004.

Not Everyone Who Speaks Spanish is from Spain: Taino Survival in the 21st Century Dominican Republic (also in Spanish). Kacike Journal, 2003.

New Directions in the Study of Taíno Heritage: Conference and Exhibition (also in Spanish, with L. Guitar). Kacike Journal, 2003.

Review of The Indigenous People of the Caribbean, edited by S. Wilson. Ethnohistory, 42 (3-4), 2002.

The Magic of Being Human. All Round Periodical issue 7, Winter, 2002.

La Herencia Indigena en el Caribe y el Mito de la Extincion de los Tainos. La Informacion 6 May, 1998.  

Taino Heritage in the Dominican Republic. Original photographs and text used in "Taino Legacy" exhibit, Museo del Barrio, New York. September, 1997 - March, 1998.

Salvemos Chacuey (with C. Franco) El Siglo 29 January, 1997.  

El Estudio de la Antropologia (with C. Franco). La Informacion 13 March, 1996.

La Cultura Taina: una Herencia Artistica y Funcional de Quisqueya. Exhibition of Pre-Columbian Caribbean artifacts and petroglyph illustrations, Expo Cibao cultural fair, Ayuntamiento de Santiago. October, 1996.  

The Historical Archives of Santiago, the Dominican Republic. Homepage for the Archivo Historico de Santiago, 1996.

The Politics of Taino Indian Heritage in the Post-Quincentennial Dominican Republic: When a Canoe Means More than a Water Trough. Ph.D. Dissertation, Program in Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1995.  

El Pasado Indigena y el Presente Politico: Nuevas Perspectivas en el Manejo de los Recursos Arqueologicos en los Estados Unidos e el Caribe. Museo del Hombre Boletin 26:33-40, 1994.

Rock Art at Corral de los Indios de Chacuey, Dominican Republic (with J.M. Weeks and V. Ramirez). Latin American Indian Literatures Journal, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 88-97,1994.  

Herbert Krieger and the Practice of Colonial Archaeology in the Dominican Republic (with J.M. Weeks). Acta Americana 2(1):23-32, 1994.  

The Ancient Caribbean (with J.M. Weeks). Research Guides to Ancient Civilizations, no. 4. New York: Garland Press, 1994.



MacArthur Predissertation Fellowship, 1992. Graduate Scholarship, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1993-95.

Travel Grants, Interdisciplinary Archaeological Studies, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1993-95.

Graduate Scholarship and Assistantship, University of South Carolina, Columbia, 1989-91.

Grant in Aid of Research, Sigma XI, the Scientific Society, 1991.

Leon Jimenes Research Grant, Santiago, Dominican Republic, 1997.

Educational Development Grant, Ayuntamiento de Santiago, Dominican Republic, 1996.

Second Montesinos Keynote Lecture, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska, 1999.

Professional Development Grants, PSUFA, Portland, 2002, 2003, 2004.

Special Mention, Scott Burns Faculty Excellence Award, Portland State University, 2008.

Visiting Professor, NCSA/AHA Program Morelia, Mexico 2008-2009.


Green Building Initiative Sustainable Building Grants, 2001.

Office of Sustainable Development Emerging Technologies Grant, 2002.

Association of Portland Neighborhood Business Associations Grant 2002, 2003.

Neighborhood Appreciation Award, Southeast Uplift 2003

Build it Green Award, Office of Sustainable Development, Portland, 2007


Fluent in Spanish, Mostly fluent in French, Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht.), counselor and mediator.