Dr. Joseph Smith-Buani


Dr. Joseph Smith-BuaniSr. Instructor

Parkmill 245 | 503-725-3052 | smithbj@pdx.edu  


Ph.D., Urban Studies (Regional Science), Portland State University

M.S., Mathematics (Computer Science & Statistics), Portland State University

B.S., Mathematics, Portland State University


FIELDS:  Africa/African American History, Development, Culture, Cinema, and Migration


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)




Dr. Joseph Smith-Buani joined the Black Studies Department in 2002.  He teaches courses on Africa, African immigration to Oregon/the United States, and African cinema.  Prior to joining the department, he was a computer programmer and later, taught developmental Mathematics at Portland Community College while working on his doctorate in Urban Studies. 


Smith-Buani has worked with school-age African immigrant youth through the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) where he coordinated Multnomah County's "Social and Support Services for Educational Success" program.  More recently, he worked at the Population Research Center here at Portland State University, researching population trends including school enrollment and other demographic changes. 


An independent researcher since July 2009, Joseph Smith-Buani's research interests include the study of determinants and consequences of migration and African ancestry in Oregon in the US Census Bureau's decennial census and American Community Survey.


Dr. Smith Buani serves as the undergraduate advisor to the Black Studies Department.



Tigard-Tualatin School District Long-Range Enrollment Forecast, 2008-09 to 2017-18  (Download
06/2008:   Publication: School District Enrollment Forecast Reports 


Phoenix-Talent School District Population and Enrollment Forecasts, 2008-09 to 2017-18  (Download)

07/2008:   Publication: School District Enrollment Forecast Reports 


Reynolds School District Population and Enrollment Forecasts, 2007-08 to 2017-18   (Download
02/2008:   Publication: School District Enrollment Forecast Reports


Population Forecasts for Marion County, its Cities and Unincorporated Area 2010-2030  (Download)

09/2008:  Publication: Oregon Population Estimates and Reports




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