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Dr. Derrais Carter

Dr. Derrais (pronounced like Paris) Carter is an assistant professor of Black Studies. His research interests include 20th century African American history, gender and sexuality studies, and black cultural studies. He is co-editor of The Iconic Obama, 2007-2009: Essays on Media Representations of the Candidate and New President (2012). He is currently writing Obscene Material, a book examining black girlhood and scandal in 1919 Washington, D.C.

Derrais is also a member of the Queering Slavery Working Group. This interdisciplinary scholarly collective uses Tumblr to place black queer studies in conversation with the history of enslavement. For more info: and In addition to regularly contributing to the Black Studies Department's Facebook page, he also tweets: @derraiscarter.

(Photo credit: Intisar Abioto)