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What Can I Do with a Degree in Black Studies?

Many students wonder what they can do with a Black Studies degree. The options are quite varied but it may be helpful to look at some of the job categories listed below. In addition, keep in mind that a degree in Black Studies can complement other degrees. For instance, look at the many areas in which Black Studies faculty have obtained their degrees. We have degrees (undergraduate and graduate) in history, sociology, psychology, education, political science, anthropology, conflict resolution, etc. Think about how the course material and skills learned can benefit you if you decide to opt for a graduate or professional degree or in employment in the areas listed on the bottom of this page. The Career Services Office at PSU is available to help. Visit for more information. 

Skills & Knowledge Developed in this Field


Cultural Sensitivity

o Possessing a multicultural mindset

o Working with competing notions and ideas

o Understanding society through culture

o Incorporating interdisciplinary methods

o Examining the relationship of historical, economic and political forces

o Understanding the practical significance of academic experiences

o Developing appreciation for racial and class differences and perspectives


o Writing clearly and effectively

o Reading for comprehension

o Speaking clearly and effectively

o Describing and evaluating issues/problems/events

o Expressing ideas through several media (e.g. film, music)

o Listening to others

o Challenging conventional ideas

o Conveying ideas systematically

o Explaining complex concepts

o Communicating between cultures


Project Development, Analysis, & Research

o Identifying research topics

o Gathering information

o Assessing needs and interests

o Generating ideas

o Identifying resources

o Synthesizing

o Developing sound research designs

o Analyzing and evaluating data

o Seeing relationships between factors

o Translating theory into action

o Working with community groups

o Solving problems & thinking critically


Interpersonal Relations

o Collaborating as part of a team

o Understanding cultural diversity

o Awareness of gender and race

o Clarifying others' thoughts and ideas

o Determining the needs of others

o Acknowledging value systems

o Adapting to other cultures

o Listening to other cultures

o Listening carefully

o Interviewing non-judgmentally


Job Categories and Titles



·   Departmental historian

·   Public information coordinator

·   Public affairs

·   Census/survey work

·   Cultural affairs officer

·   Region/urban planner

·   Peace Corps volunteer

·   Minority programs coordinator



·   Teaching on college/graduate level

·   Counselor/advising

·   Admissions officer/recruiting

·   Director of Black Cultural Center

·   Librarian/archivist

·   Research Assistant

·   Curator

·   Missionary

·   Affirmative action officer


Local Government

·   Urban renewalist

·   City manager

·   Policy analyst advocate

·   Community development


Human Services

·   Public relations representative

·   Human resources/personnel

·   Youth counselor

·   Welfare investigator

·   Case worker

·   Extension service specialist



·   Public opinion analyst

·   Researcher/technical adviser

·   Editor

·   Journalist/columnist



·   Cross-cultural communication specialist

·   Public relations material writer

·   Employment counselor

·   Sales representative

·   Banking associate

·   Foundation representative

·   Grants specialist

·   Consultant/research, writing

·   Marketing assistant

·   Administrative assistant

·   Manpower planner

·   Campaign planner

·   Management trainee

·   Personnel director/officer

·   Arts council director

·   Fund raising director

·   Creative director/assistant manager