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Black Studies Department Faculty & Staff

The Black Studies Department's distinguished faculty consists of recognized scholars in various fields of specialization covering African, Caribbean and African American issues.

Black Studies Faculty Media Interviews

See Dr. Shirley A. Jackson in a televised news story "Confederate History in Oregon dates back to Early Pioneers" on KATU News, Channel 2, August 16, 2017.

 See Dr. Shirley A. Jackson in "Fighting Racism" in The Portland Observer, June 6, 2017. 

See Dr. Shirley A. Jackson in the Portland Observer's "Alarmed by Trump: Professor Sees Parallels to the Era of Martin Luther King Jr.," January 10, 2017.

See Dr. Winston Grady-Willis on KPTV-Channel 12 News in a segment on campus protests - November 16, 2016.

See Dr. Shirley A. Jackson on WATU-Channel 2 News in a segment on race relations - July 8, 2016.

View Atlantic article that cites Dr. Darrell Millner and former adjunct Professor Walidah Imarisha. 

Tenure-track Faculty

Shirley A. Jackson, Chair, Professor
PKM 147

Derrais Carter, Assistant Professor
PKM 247

Winston Grady Willis, Professor
PKM 141

Ethan Johnson, Associate Professor
PKM 243

Fixed-Term Faculty

Pedro Ferbel-Azcarate, Assistant Professor
PKM 245

Joseph Smith-Buani, Senior Instructor II and Undergraduate Advisor

PKM 245


Adjunct Faculty

Turiya Autry, Instructor 



Darrell Millner, Professor Emeritus
PKM 249

Carmen Thompson, Instructor

PKM 250



Josphat Waruhiu, Instructor (also NTTF faculty in World Languages and Literatures) 
PKM 250 



Emeriti Faculty

E. Kofi Agorsah, Professor Emeritus (Not on campus)


Darrell Millner, Professor Emeritus
PKM 249

Affiliated Faculty

Lisa Bates, Associate Professor, Urban Studies and Planning

Veronica Dujon, Professor, Department of Sociology

Stephen Frenkel, Assistant Professor, International Studies: African and Latin American Studies

Maude Hines, Associate Professor, English Department

Roberta HunteAssistant Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Yves Labissiere, Associate Professor, Community Health, Urban and Community Affairs

Anoop Mirpuri, Assistant Professor, English Department

Jose Padin, Associate Professor, Sociology Department

Jennifer Tappan, Associate Professor, History Department


Elizabeth (Liz) Fritzinger, Office Manager
PKM 148

Black Studies Department 503-725-3472