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Welcome to PSU2: PSU Portal of Science for Undergraduates! PSU2 is designed to set Biology majors on paths of early exploration and preparation for successful careers in STEM fields. Here you can find pathways to 4-year degree completion for freshman-entry and community-college transfer, tips for reducing your time to degree completion, and information on building your resume through on- and off-campus work experiences. PSU2 provides access to CSO Biology, an interactive on-line database through which you can access volunteer, work-study, internship, and mentoring opportunities. See the twin PSU2 site for Chemistry.

PSU2 is made possible by Provost’s Challenge award #186: Pathways to Innovation: Reframing Chemistry and Biology Education at PSU for the 21st Century, and through cooperation with PSU Advising and Career Services and the CLAS Advising Center.

Tierra Curry
Tierra Curry, Conservation Biologist