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Survey Research Lab
Survey Research Lab




The SRL offers a variety of research services, both inside and outside of PSU.   We specialize in designing and conducting telephone, web, and mail surveys.  We offer survey implementation and data collection, consultation on project planning and design, survey and questionnaire development, human subjects application processing, data entry, data coding, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, report writing, and presentations.  We also conduct focus groups and trainings.



  • Provide survey research knowledge and research facilities to campuses, agencies, and organizations.
  • Collect high-quality data by obtaining accurate, consistent, and non-biased information to increase the knowledge of a community.
  • Conduct survey research in a manner ensuring the protection of all respondents and the confidentiality of their data.
  • Deliver value for every dollar spent.
  • Strive for excellence in customer service by supporting service delivery with a positive attitude and effective communication.



We help clients choose services that meet their specific research needs.  We prioritize working collaboratively with clients.  Flexibility is the key to our services; therefore, a service package may contain any or all of our services. 


Our rates are competitive with other academic and commercial survey organizations. Project costs can vary depending on the services required.  Initial consultation and estimates are provided free of charge.

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