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Marty Ochs
Marty Ochs

Instructor. I am in the business of beer. 

My Arizona State University BA in Broadcast Journalism Management may or may not have been the derivation of my current work in the beer industry.  While my work in radio and journalism was short lived, it gave me a great base to understand that communication is key in any environment, especially when beer is the focus.  

I now work from a home office in Oregon which allows me to work around flexible schedules of the brewery clients I have, be in out of doors as much as possible, enjoy live local independent music, take in too much geeky sci-fi, appreciate good beer with great friends, and revel in a good laugh (at myself most of all).  I also instruct the Sales & Distribution course in the Business of Craft Brewing for Portland State University where I get to engage the evolving industry with students from around the world. 

Before I built E3 Craft Strategies in 2014, I created a Sales Department from scratch and brought Ninkasi Brewing to national recognition as the fastest growing brewery by volume in the history of the Craft industry, 57k BBLS in 5 years (BA 2012).  During this time, I built Ninkasi’s distributor network in six states with 51 wholesalers, and then grew volume to 89k bbls by 2013 with annual revenues reaching over ~$25 million.

Through constant MacGyver budgeting, operational and executional innovation, I was able to meld a great beer with opportunity in simple go to market strategies that I believe any start-up or early development brewery can emulate to grow at a pace that equates to their own defined level of success. 

I learned how to build a successful team to execute a plan to meet those outcomes through years of successful experience working in many different environments of management, marketing, guest/client services, corporate sales and promotional positions that include working for Oskar Blues Brewery, Miller Brewing, The Texas Rangers Baseball Team, Angel Fire Resort, and large marketing agencies including CMI/SFX, Team Ent. and GMR. The experience in those roles helped me blend my enthusiasm, passion and creativity to develop unique strategic concepts that have proven to be breakthrough sales and marketing programs that drive energetic, efficient and effective, measurable, business-building results. 

I have been lucky to have a career path that has led me through many exciting places to experience many unique moments and I have met an amazing group of people that I have worked with and call friends. The craft industry is an extension of my interests and passions that include all sorts of social interaction in this wild wild world of sports.  I am driven by a passion for quality while constantly looking for opportunity to improve and I am unwavering in my integrity with a respect for all things being relative.  Lastly, I am inspired by the great quote from Spinoza, “Sub specie aeternitatis,” which reminds me that my role as a consultant and instructor allows me to see the trees through the forest to help guide clients to realize some of the success I have had.