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Lifecom: Bringing Intelligence to Medical Records
Lifecom: Bringing Intelligence to Medical Records

Lifecom, a Portland-based medical information technology company and Portland State University Business Accelerator company-in-residence, develops mobile, cloud-based expert systems to provide decision support and predictive analytics that aid in diagnosis and improve clinical outcomes for healthcare providers and their patients. These expert systems are based on Lifecom’s proprietary Adaptive Knowledge Engine.

Lifecom is able to assess, diagnose, and manage multiple diagnoses, as well as concurrent and coincidental conditions, manage simultaneous presentations of a disease and its complications. Lifecom’s scalable system supports multiple user interface options, including voice recognition.

Stephen J. Datena, M.D., President and CEO of Lifecom, has taught classes for Portland State University’s Professional Development Center, and CFO H. David Silverman received a M.S. in Financial Analysis from PSU.

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