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HydraDx: A Better Flow in Diagnostics
HydraDx: A Better Flow in Diagnostics

HydraDx, founded in 2008 and a Portland State University Business Accelerator company-in-residence with headquarters in San Francisco, is a medical diagnostic company that has developed a unique diagnostic tool to measure saliva flow, an important indicator for a number of diseases and conditions. The device developed by HydraDx is the only such device to quickly and easily measure saliva flow and because it only measures a physiological parameter and does not collect or store saliva for analysis, it does not require FDA clearance.

Using HydraDx’s diagnostic tool, salivary flow rate can quickly and accurately be measured. The device has been validated in in vitro and in vivo studies and there is an immediate need for such a device in saliva flow testing for Sjögren’s Syndrome and in dental care where current methods of saliva flow testing are insufficient, subjective and difficult to quantify.

In the past year HydraDx has employed a Portland State University graduate as a product development associate in the Bioscience Lab facilities they occupy at the Business Accelerator. HydraDx also plans to seek a PSU faculty member as a consultant.

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