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Eppley  Sarah Eppley                   








Graduate Students





Matt Chmielewski: Matt is a PhD student whose research is focused on understanding the role of birds in bryophyte dispersal. Matt is working in Chile and the United States and has received a Fulbright Scholarship.



Timea Deakova: Timea is a PhD student. She is examining isoprene omissions across brophyte species, and is interested the effects of development on isopreme omissions in Polytrichum juniperinum.





Undergraduate Students



Kelsey Best Kelsey Best: Kelsey is managing the bryophyte greenhouse collection and assisting with moss stress experiments.



Christian Haaning Christian Haaning: Christian has worked on several projects, including a Distichlis spicata greenhouse project he designed for his senior project.



Mitra Kariminaser Mitra Kariminaser: Mitra is working on experiments to understand stress in bryophyte sexual systems.





Former Graduate Students

Charlene Mercer

Charlene Mercer: Charlene received her MS in 2010. She used reciprocal transplant experiments in Distichlis spicata (Poaceae) to test hypotheses concerning niche segregation of the sexes, and she coauthored two papers from her work.


Charlene is currently living her dream life in Ecuador, improving her Spanish and surfing. When she visits Oregon, she works as a technician in the Eppley lab, where she is completing a manuscript on kin recognition in D. spicata.





Camille Graves

Camille Graves: Camille received her MS in 2009. Her research focused on determining the biotic and abiotic factors influencing bryophyte distributions in geothermal systems. She has coauthored two publications from her work.

She is now working at Watershed Sciences, Inc., using her skills in geographic information systems to understand data collected via LiDAR airborne remote sensing.



Estefania Garcia

Estefania Llaneza Garcia: Estefania received her MS in 2009. Her research focused on the physiology of stress tolerance in bryophytes. She has one publication from her work, and several in manuscript.

Estefania is now pursuing her PhD at the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) in the Department of Environmental and Biomolecular Systems, studying nutrient cycling in estuarine systems.





Former Undergraduate Students



Kate Halpin

Kate Halpin : Kate worked identifying angiosperm and bryophyte species for several projects in the lab.

Kate received her MS from Oklahoma State in 2011 in phylogenetics.



Maria Santiago and John Castle II

Maria Santiago and John Castle II: Maria worked on establishing D. spicata seedlings for transplant and John worked on determining the sex of transplants using sex-linked molecular markers.

John graduated from the GTEP (graduate teacher education program) at PSU and is teaching high school biology in the Portland area and raising goats.



Cindy Carpendar Cindy Carpenter: Cindy worked on developing efficient D. spicata sex-linked markers






Erin Bergman



Erin Bergman: Erin worked on projects in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon assessing the affects of English Ivy on native plant diversity.

Erin completed an MS from San Diego State University in 2009 working on a project in landscape level ecology.