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Lester Newman Seminar Series

Fall Term Seminars will be held on Thursdays from 12:00-1:00 PM in SRTC Room #247 (Science Research Teaching Center, 1719 SW 10th Avenue). These lectures are free and open to the public, some refreshments will be provided.

Fall Term 2017



September 28th

What the Heck does Kim Do?!

Presented by Dr. Kim Brown

Hosted by Portland State Biology Department



Semantic Approaches to Morphology & Taxonomy for Hymenoptera

 Presented by Dr. Andy Deans

Hosted by Dr. Luis Ruedas



Presented by Dr. Chris Bennett

Hosted by Dr. Luis Ruedes




Presented by Dr. Rahul Raghavan

Hosted by Portland State Biology Department

October 26th 

The Lipid Matrix at the Host-Pathogen Interface

 Presented by Dr. Fikadu Tafesse

Hosted by Dr. Ken Stedman

November 2nd

Measuring the Success of Everglades Restoration by Examining Population Trends of an Indicator Species: The Endangered Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow (Ammodramus Maritimus Mirabilis) 

Presented by Dr. Tom Virzi

Hosted by Dr. Michael Murphy

November 9th


Presented by Dr. Jesse Zaneveld

Hosted by Dr. Anne Thompson

November 16th

Some Consequences of Host-Bacterial Intimacy

 Presented by Dr. Zakee Sabree

Hosted by Dr. Rahul Raghavan

November 23rd


No Seminar This Week

November 30th

Life History & Conservation Status of Giraffes

 Presented by Dr. Fred Bercovitch

Hosted by Dr. Michael Bartlett

A complete list of the
 2015-Present Seminars is available.