Master of Science in Biology

Credit Requirements

See the current year's course bulletin for the Portland State University graduate degree requirements.  Departmental specific requirements for an M.S. in Biology are:

Satisfactory completion of at least 45 credits of approved graduate-level courses required for a master's degree. Students must complete Bi 598 Graduate Research Prospectus, and Bi 599 Graduate Grant Writing in the fall and winter quarters following admission to the program.

  • M.S. students must complete at least 30 credits in the field of biology. 
    • No more than 9 credits may be in Bi 503 Thesis. 
    • No more than a total of 12 credits may be in Bi 501 and Bi 505 Reading and Conference. 
    • No more than a total of 9 credits may be in Bi 507 Seminar. 
    • A maximum of 12 credits may be programmed as electives in fields related to biology in consultation with the degree adviser

Research Requirements

Successful completion of a final oral examination and a thesis is required. Full time students must complete their degree within 4 years of entry into the program.