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Departmental Advising

Academic advising is a collaborative educational process in which students and their advisers are partners in meeting the essential learning outcomes that support student success. This partnership requires participation and involvement of both the adviser and the student and spans the student’s whole educational experience. 

Academic & Career Adviser Department Chair:
Ian Garrett Dr. Michael Bartlett
Email: Email:

Senior Adviser II & Program Manager: Graduate Coordinator & Adviser: 
Leah Tuor, MEd. Dr. Michael Murphy 
Email:  Email: 


Portland State utilizes both professional and faculty advisers in delivering advising for students. 

Professional advisers are available to assist with university general education (University Studies or Honors) and degree requirements, assist with academic standing issues and petitions, veteran certification, and provide referrals to various campus services. 

Professional Advisers:   
Leah Tuor, MEd. Location: SRTC 246 
Serving Student with PSU ID# ending in 5-9 i.e 911256557  

Ian Garrett, M.S. Location: SRTC 246 
Serving students with PSU ID# ending in 0-4 i.e. 911652550  

Faculty advisers primarily support students with major specific advising which may also include potential careers and professional opportunities within the discipline.

Other advisers:

Dr. Michael Bartlett Biology Honors Research Adviser (503) 725-3858

    Dr. Sarah Eppley      Biology MST Program Adviser                   (503) 725-8986