Biology Major Priority Registration Information


Please be advised that Biology Majors have priority registration beyond the standard course registration dates. Priority registration dates are as follows:

BI 212 Principles priority registration will end on 11/21

BI 3**+ Priority registration for all upper division biology courses will end on 11/15


Biology Course Overrides

If you need a prerequisite override please visit this linkThe Biology office can only provide an override IF YOU HAVE TAKEN the prereq for course course.  If you do not know what the course prerequisite is please review the course info via the PSU Bulletin. If you want to take the course but haven't taken the preprequisite please contact the professor of the course directly.  

Biology Course Evaluations

Please submit course evaluation requests here.  Courses can only be evaluated if:

  • You have a course syllabus for the course (We cannot evaluate a course with just a course description, please get a course syllabus for each course you want evaluated from your previous institution.)

  • You have applied and been accepted to PSU

  • The course you want evaluated is listed on your PSU transcript.

Helpful Links:

  • To view the most current list of classes, use the official schedule of classes.

  • Course Syllabi for the current term are available for all courses.

  • To view descriptions of classes offered, see the Biology section of the PSU Bulletin.

  • To view anticipated course offerings for the next academic year, see the Course Planning Guide. Please note it is subject to change.

  • To view pre-requisites, visit the course catalog.

  • The lab TA directory can be found at this link.