Spring 2020 BI 410 Courses

(Includes information on how these courses apply toward the biology major)


BI 410 Careers & Research in Biology (1 cr) Fridays 11:30am - 12:35pm

This workshop style course is for biology majors/minors who are interested in exploring careers and research in biology while also further developing networking skills. Five biology department faculty lead this course and students will be presented with tools and resources for success while pursuing their undergraduate biology degrees. Career and research options for post-graduation work in the field of biology are explored with the help of invited guests & employers. This workshop course also provides a unique opportunity for students to further develop networking skills through interactions with faculty, peers, and invited guests. This course is restricted to biology majors and minors only. All biology majors freshman - postbac are encouraged to enroll. This course is an upper division elective for biology majors. No dept./instructor approval is required to enroll in this course and students can register online.

BI 410 Museum Outreach (2 cr) Mondays 6pm-8pm. Additional one-day (May 30th, 2020) requirement to attend the PSU Museum of Natural History open house from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

This course focuses on informal science communication, using materials from the collections in PSU's Museum of Natural History as a vehicle to engage the public. During the course, students will learn how to design and create interactive museum exhibits, and will then present their exhibits at the Museum of Natural History open house event on Saturday, May 30th. Students with previous experience with plants, vertebrates, or invertebrates through courses or museum volunteer work are especially encouraged to take this course.  This course can be applied toward fulfillment of EITHER the lab/field area OR toward  the BI 412-499 area (not both). No dept./instructor approval is required to enroll in this course and students can register online.

BI 410 Deep Sea Biology of Oregon (4 cr) Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00am - 11:50am. 

Deep Sea Biology of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest is a special course with two aims: 1) to provide PSU students with an in-depth understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes that shape the biodiversity of the deep waters off of the coast of Oregon, with special focus on oxygen minimum zones 2) to train students in how research is conducted at sea. A subset of the class (those interested will submit an application) will be able to participate in an 'at-sea' field course this summer:a seven day research cruise that will depart out of Newport (This will be in August and only 8 slots will be available). Curriculum for the course will build on ongoing courses at PSU (BI 360 Intro to Marine Biology, BI 466 Deep Sea Biology). Students enrolling in this course are very strongly encouraged to have some preexisitng marine biology/oceanography coursework. To enroll, permission from Dr. Annie Lindgren is required ( This course can be applied toward fulfillment of the BI 412-499 area.


BI 410 Environmental Microbiology (2 cr) Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00am - 11:50am. 

Prior completion of BI 234 Elementary Microbiology OR BI 380 Microbiology with a C- or higher is required to enroll in this course. All students interested in enrolling will need to contact Dr. Anna-Louise Reysenbach ( This course can be applied toward fulfillment of the BI 412-499 area.

BI 410 Pathophysiology (4cr) Enrollment information:

After reading this preliminary syllabus, email Dr. Hancock ( with the subject heading “BI410 Pathophysiology Enrollment Request” before February 24th, applications received after that are not guaranteed consideration. Attach your unofficial transcript from PSU.


Cut / Paste/ Answer these questions in the email. No further details should be included.

  1. When did you complete / when will you complete the BI301,2,3 series?

  2. Are you currently seeking to complete a degree in Biology? (this is different than just declaring a biology major)

  3. What other upper level biology courses will you have completed by the end of the Winter 2020 term?

  4. What chemistry sequences have you completed?

  5. Do you have a previous degree? If so, from where and when and in what?

Please only apply if you have completed BI301 and BI302 and BI303 (or are currently completing BI302 and will be taking BI303 in the Spring). I will attempt to confirm or deny your admission as soon as possible, but if that decision compromises your ability to plan your life accordingly you should assume you will not be admitted and register for other courses. Failure to follow these instructions precisely compromises your likelihood of being admitted.


If you are admitted, you will be assigned an override to join the course and will then be able to register on Banweb.

This course can be applied toward fulfillment of the BI 412-499 area.


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