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Courses- Dr. Sarah Eppley

Biology 357 - General Ecology - 4 credits

The study of the interrelationships of plants and animals with

their environment. Emphasis is on basic ecological principles

and concepts, not on current environmental problems.

Recommended prerequisites: one year of biological science.






Biology 471/571 - Plant Ecology - 4 credits

A study of the interrelationships between plants and their

environment with emphasis upon individual adaptation

and community dynamics.

Recommended prerequisite: Bi 357 or equivalent.

Biology 410/510 - Metapopulation Ecology and Evolution - 2 credits

This course examines the concept of metapopulation in

ecology and evolution, explores methods for estimating

classical metapopulation dynamics in animal and plant species,

and uses case studies to explore the use of metapopulations

as a tool in conservation biology.

Biology 507 - Seminar: Ecology and Evolution - 1 credit

Graduate-level journal club designed to allow students to read

and discuss current papers in ecology and evolution.