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Dr. Erin E. Shortlidge

Assistant Professor of Biology & PSU HHMI Biology Education Fellow

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biology Education Research, School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, 2014-2015

PhD, Biology, 2014, Portland State University, Portland, OR

 Dissertation:  Testing the ecological and physiological factors influencing reproductive success in mosses.

AS, Biology, 2007, Harold Washington College, Chicago, IL
BFA, 2000, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO


Science Building 1 (SB1) 522
1025 SW Mill St, Portland, OR 97201
office:  503-725-9305 lab:  503-725-9304

Twitter: BER Lab PDX  @ber_pdx

Mailing Address:

Portland State University
Biology Department
1719 SW 10th Ave
SRTC Room 246
Portland, OR 97201




Meet the BER Lab Members:

*Brie Tripp*, PhD Student: I am PhD student in the BER lab at Portland State University. My background is in biochemistry and human genetics, B.S. from California State University, Stanislaus. I had the amazing opportunity to spend part of my undergraduate studies in Australia, studying stem cell tissue engineering. I also spent leisure time in Sweden soaking up the history of Linnaeus taxonomy and the applicable connection to current evolution models. Traveling is a love of mine and as such, I've witnessed an array of science-teaching models across several disciplines in different continents, which piqued my interest in best practices of pedagogy in biological education. My hope is that through my research I can hone in on gold-standard teaching techniques and apply them in the higher education arena, emphasizing retention of women in STEM. On my spare time, you can find me traversing mountain-tops, climbing new terrain, or exploring hidden parts of nature. 

Brie will be working in part on the development, implementation and assessment of interdisiciplinary course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) for upperdivision undergraduates; stay tuned for the rest!


*Emma Goodwin*, PhD Student: I graduated with a B.S. from UCLA in 2013 where I studied microbiology and molecular parasitology with the intention of going to med school. I was diverted from that path when I discovered my passion for education while spending a few years working as a teaching assistant for upper-division undergraduate research immersion courses. My goal is to be a biology education researcher and teach undergraduate-level biology as well as to be involved in a community to promote effective, evidence-based teaching practices in undergraduate biology education. I also love to swim, play oboe (that’s a musical instrument!), and bake cookies and cakes for my friends and family!


*Liz Griffith*, Undergraduate researcher:  I am working on an undergraduate degree in general biology with a minor in chemistry.  I'm also interested in zoology, education and conservation of Oregon's ecosystems.  I'm planning on going into research and becoming an educator, preferably at a community college.   

 Liz is working on understanding introductory STEM student outcomes from active learning pedagogies.


*Lucas Bennington* Undergraduate researcher:  Lucas is an honors student at Portland State University. He is excited to be a part of the biology education research lab exploring the motivations of volunteers in free clinics. When not working hard in the lab, Lucas can be found enjoying time with friends and family by cooking, playing sports, and experiencing all Oregon has to offer. 


*Miles Fletcher*, Post-bac researcher:  Miles is a premed student who earned a BA in Theatre and Communications from Northwestern University in 2011. With his recent return to the classroom, Miles has grown exceedingly curious about the various teaching strategies employed in science curricula. Drawing on his experiences in HIV/AIDS activism, volunteerism, and community leadership, Miles hopes to pursue an MD/MPH with an emphasis in Global Health.  Miles is working on research related to student-centered pedagogies in STEM graduate training.



*Jane Cao*, Undergraduate Researcher Jane started college in 2009 at Oregon State University and after a long break, she came back to get her bachelor degree in General Science at Portland State University. In June 2017 she joined the BER lab so that she can be apart of the influence to the epic change that is taking place in Biology education. Jane has lived in Portland most of her life and her most favorite things to do include cooking, painting, and hiking.  Jane is is exploring qualitative research on graduate student perceptions of evidence based teaching techniques.



 *Justin Flaiban**, Undergraduate Researcher  Justin is in his senior year at PSU working on his undergraduate degree in biology.  His future academic goals are to enter a medical laboratory scientist program with a focus on clinical microbiology, or a masters program in public health epidemiology. Professionally, Justin aims to have a career in infection control or infectious disease epidemiology in either a clinical or non-clinical setting.  Justin is exploring qualitative research on graduate student perceptions of evidence based teaching techniques.



*Megan Thran*, Undergraduate researcher: Megan is currently an undergraduate student at Portland State University working towards a degree in Biochemistry, with hopes of one day entering the medical field. She is interested in acquiring a better understanding of various learning and teaching strategies that go along with the BER lab, to ultimately use these skills to educate people in medicine and their overall health. When not studying or working, Megan enjoys hiking, reading, and catching up on my favorite t.v. shows such as Game of Thrones or Westworld.  Megan is researching interdisciplinary science and the impact of interdisciplinary CURES.


*Sophia Voronoff*, Undergraduate researcher: Sophia is currently in her junior year at Portland State University. She is working towards her bachelor's degree in Biology with a Chemistry minor and hopes to attend medical school upon graduation. She has lived in Oregon her whole life and enjoys exploring new places and trying new things. Sophia has joined the BER lab this summer and hope to learn as much as she can in the lab.  Megan is researching interdisciplinary science and the impact of interdisciplinary CURES.

Former lab members:

*Kyahn Daraee*, Post-bac researcher:  When I am not learning about all the cool topics in Biology, you can find me outside being active. Whether it's hiking to explore the natural beauty of Oregon, pretending to be good at golf, or playing basketball, you can bet I am staying active in my free time. After burning all those calories, it is only natural to replenish those calories, and I adore the food scene in Portland and all the amazing cuisines we have at our fingertips.

Kyahn is has been accepted to OHSU's Dental Program!  Congrats Kyahn!


*Greggory Dallas*, Post-bac researcher:  Greggory studies biology at PSU through the post-baccalaureate pre-medical program. She earned a B.A. from Columbia University in 2006, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar, and worked in arts education at the Pendleton Center for the Arts in eastern Oregon. Greggory is interested in facilitation and teaching techniques, and in supporting adult learning. She hopes to attend medical school and build a practice in women’s health.

Greggory has been accepted to OHSU's Medical Program!  Congrats Greggory!


*Emily Olsen*, Undergraduate researcher:  Emily is a graduating senior who has an interest in biology/science education and plants. She loves being outside and sharing that passion for the outdoors with others.  Emily is the first member of the BER lab, and is working on understanding introductory STEM student outcomes from active learning pedagogies.


*Ravi Vathsal Thodupunuri*