About Us

Our purpose is to inspire more students and employees to commute by bike.

We are an on-campus bicycle repair shop designed specifically for the PSU Community.

Our Mission

The Bike Hub is a "do-it-yourself" environment where we provide the tools, resources, and instruction to enable you to maintain your bike. We teach basic bicycle repair and maintenance techniques that will keep you rolling safely and smoothly.

We also offer pay-for-service repairs by our trained staff, for those who may not have the time to do their own maintenance. Our retail selection features carefully chosen parts and accessories that balance high quality with affordability and meet the essential needs of the modern commuter.

Please take a look around our site for more information about our services, workshops, bike rentals, and tips for making your commute safer and more enjoyable.

To get the most out of the PSU Bike Hub, save money on your purchases, and participate in our growing community of bike riders, please consider becoming a Bike Hub Member.

Our History

In 2003, a group of motivated PSU students with an interest in promoting bicycling began collecting signatures of support from PSU students and employees for creating an on-campus bicycle resource center. This group initially envisioned a student fee-funded bicycle co-op that would be operated entirely by PSU students. After realizing the extensive time and process that would be required to follow that path to their goal, the group met with administrators from PSU Transportation & Parking Services to discuss options for creating a bike co-op as an official alternate transportation program.

In Fall 2004, Transportation & Parking Services opened the PSU Bike Co-op in an unused office space inside the University Center Building Parking Garage. With just 200 sq. ft of indoor space and a small fenced area out back, the Bike Co-op began offering a simple self-service location where students & employees could repair their bikes, get repair and route planning advice, and buy basic repair parts. The Bike Co-op quickly out grew this space and would struggle to meet the needs of its 300+ members for the next 5 years.

In January 2010, after an extensive planning process, the Bike Co-op was transplanted and transformed into the 2000 sq. ft PSU Bike Hub at the new PSU Academic & Student Recreation Center. Within the first year, membership grew to over 1500 riders and continues increase each year. Best of all, the overall use of bicycles as transportation to and from our campus has also been on the rise. In 2003, just 4% of trips to PSU were taken by bike. As of 2014, that number had doubled to 8% of all trips taken by students and staff. Through the support of the PSU community, the Bike Hub continues to inspire more riders through education, quality and convenient service, and a commitment to cycling. 


Our Staff

The PSU Bike Hub crew is an awesome team of smart, snarky, and skilled invididuals who love what we do. Interested in joining our team? Check out our employment page for more info.


Clint Culpepper, Bicycle Program Coordinator, he/him

Clint Culpepper is the Bicycle Program Coordinator at Portland State University and has overseen the PSU Bike Hub since it’s opening in January of 2010. The PSU Bike Hub is a 2750 square foot repair and retail space devoted to instructing students and staff in bicycle maintenance and repair techniques that will keep their bikes rolling smoothly and safely. Clint oversaw the founding and expansion of the Vike Bike rental program as well as the construction of 10 secure bicycle garages on campus. Portland State University is one of five Platinum level Bicycle Friendly Universities in the U.S. Clint has also promoted bicycle races for the past ten years including one of the largest bicycle race series in the region, Portland Trophy Cup. He is a regular presenter at active transportation conferences discussing the solutions that bicycles provide college campuses and urban environments.

Dan Penner, Bike Hub Supervisor, he/him

Dan has been working at the Bike Hub since 2010. As the Supervisor, Dan’s main responsibility overseeing opperations, inventory management, and employee hiring and training. Dan also teaches some of the quarterly workshops. When Dan’s not at the Bike Hub, he likes riding bikes, shooting pool, playing cards, and jumping rope.




Alvaro Asfour, Communications Coordinator, he/him

Alvaro has been a bike mechanic at PSU Bike Hub since 2014 and now works as the Bicycle Program's Communications Coordinator. Alvaro majors in Community Development & GIS. His interests are in Urban planning and specifically developing active transportaion infrastructure. When asked what he does in his free time, he said “Free time, what free time? Biking, hiking, camping, and snowboarding!"



BrianLeadMechanicBrian Manning, Lead Mechanic, he/him

Brian is our latest addition to the PSU Bike Hub starting in the Summer of 2017. Brian's main responsibility is overseeing the service department and training and supervising our student employees to help our members fix their bikes. When not working on bikes, Brian enjoys hanging with the family, reading, going to the movies, and bike touring.




Jordyn Bicknell, Vike Bike Coordinator, she/her

Jordyn has been working at the Bike Hub since 2016. As the Vike Bike Coordinator, Jordyn is responsible for maintaining the functionality and flow of the student rental fleet, and getting students set up with rental bikes that work best for them. She keeps track of paperwork, maintenance, stolen/lost bikes and communications with students involved in the program. Jordyn is going to school for Environmental Stuff.  



Alysa Velez, Student Mechanic, she/her

Alysa is our newest mechanic, who has been working with us since the beginning of 2017. As a mechanic, Alysa is responsible for bike repairs and instructing students on how to work on their own bikes. Alysa’s been hard at working learning all about bikes and how to do the job. Her mechanical engineering major probably comes in handy with that




Xander Viray, Student Mechanic, he/him

Xander has been a student mechanic at the Bike Hub since 2015. As a student mechanic, Xander assists members of the Bike Hub by recommending products or teaching them maintenance on their bikes. He also rings up customers, takes inventory, and repairs checked-in bikes. When he’s not fixing bikes, Xander Xander loves to hike, eat, and dance, and he studies Micro/molecular biology. As the President of the PSU cycling team, Xander tries to help with local races, and promote bicycle safety advocacy.



Sierra Gerber, Student Mechanic, she/her

Sierra started working at the Bike Hub during Fall Term of 2015. She is in her 4th year at PSU, working on a B.S. in Integrated Sciences. In her free time she enjoys hiking, baking, playing SSBM, and taking care of her two pet Dragons: Charlie and Sammy. She aims to get a Graduate Degree in Education, and is always willing to talk about Education theory and policy. 




Max Miller, Student Mechanic, he/him

Max has been working at the PSU Bike Hub since the Summer of 2017. He is one of our most experienced mechanics with over 15 years in the bike industry. Before coming to work at PSU, Max worked for Ren Cycles a custom frame builder in Portland, OR, where he also made his own personal bike frame from scratch. Max is attending PSU for Civil Engineering and is specifically interested in structural and geotechnical engineering. In his free time he enjoys exploring the great Pacific Northwest by bicycle.