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Taking UPS global
Taking UPS global

Chief Financial Officer Scott Davis '74 likes to keep his learning curve growing at a steady pace, and helping to chart the future of UPS-a $36 billion corporation-gives him that opportunity.

A member of the UPS management committee, Davis is heavily involved with the company's strategic direction and has been instrumental in the business's expansion. Since 1999, UPS has acquired 35 companies and increased its services to provide inventory management and streamline product distribution for its several million customers.

"Globalization has offered more efficient places to assemble products, but the complexity of getting merchandise to the consumer has greatly increased," says Davis. "We use our resources to help customers get their products to the market faster and cut their costs."

UPS operates in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. In the U.S., the company handles nearly 7 percent of the gross domestic product on a daily basis.

"This places us in an excellent position to know what's going on in the economy today and to understand the larger picture of global commerce," says Davis.
Davis was the chief executive officer of the Oregon technology company II Marrow Corporation when UPS acquired the business in 1996. He moved up through the company and became its CFO in 2001.

In addition to his pivotal role at UPS, Davis is also a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the vice chairman of the Georgia Council on Economic Education, and was recently elected to Honeywell's board of directors.

In May, Davis participated in the School of Business Administration's Business Briefings and taught a leadership class on business ethics. His best advice for corporate America is to look beyond short-term results.

"At UPS, we're not running the company for the next quarter, we're running it for the next quarter of a century," says Davis. "You've got to be disciplined enough to make decisions for the long-term good of your company."
–Kelli Fields