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Susanne Tringali
Susanne Tringali

Adjunct Instructor, Art History
Art Building 310

Susanne Tringali has been teaching Art History and Printmaking since 1995. She received the Gordon Galbraith Award for Outstanding Teaching and Service at Portland Community College in 2005, as well as the National Award of Distinguished E-learning Educator from the Instructional Technology Council of American Community Colleges in 2011.

Susanne was born and raised in Nurnberg, Germany. She received her formal training in Fine Art and Art History in Oregon, at Marylhurst University, and the University of Oregon. Susanne's training and continued practice as an artist allows her to communicate the complexity of the art-making processes with ease. Truly a world citizen, Susanne recently returned to the U.S., having lived for 7 years in Florence, Italy, where she taught Art History and lead art tours throughout the country. Being multilingual (English, German, French, Italian), and continuing to live in both Europe and the U.S., enhances her global perspective as an art historian. She sees geopolitical and cultural contexts as most relevant to understanding what art has to say, particularly regarding remote and distanced artifacts and monuments. However, for her, relating the human story behind the art is key, as it reveals much about the individuals who responded to and further shaped these geopolitical and cultural forces. Her academic goal is to make the past come alive for students of today, and illustrate how this past informs and inspires those living in the present.