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Susan Stutz
Susan Stutz

Adjunct Instructor, Graphic Design
Art Building 310

For most of her creative career, Susan Stutz has been interested in the intersection of creativity, nature and technology.

Following graduation from the Academy of Art, she worked extensiviely for agencies and design studios in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, establishing an award-winning design studio in San Francisco with clients in industries from technology to toys.

Stutz studied with the Digital Atelier while completing a master's degree in digital illustration and continuing to teach, design and explore digital mixed media.

She is now an adjunct professor of Graphic Design at Portland State University and The Art Institute of Portland. Her students have won many national and international design competitions, and have found their creative 'place' in the real world of graphic design. Stutz has been awarded an AIM grant and a Faculty Fellows grant for her work integrating hybrid and online technologies in teaching.

Stutz pursues a lifelong interest in nature, design and photography.