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Professor Robert Gould
Professor Robert Gould

PSU Professor Robert Gould met Portland philanthropist Al Jubitz more than 30 years ago through their shared commitment to global peace and conflict resolution. The impact of their partnership stretches from the ethnically-divided island of Cyprus to Portland State University’s Neuberger Hall, where Professor Gould serves as director of the Conflict Resolution Program. With Jubitz’ generous support, he has built the program into a national leader among peace studies programs.

Because of their unique alliance, Professor Gould has been named the recipient of the inaugural PSU Foundation Philanthropic Cultivation Award, which was established to honor faculty for their work in building a culture of philanthropy at PSU.

Professor Gould is the co-founder of the Conflict Resolution Program and has been its director for 17 years. He is also the co-founder of the Oregon Peace Initiative, where he and Jubitz began their work together in the 1980s.

Jubitz’ gifts have supported a wide range of initiatives in Professor Gould’s program, including student fellowships, a peace initiative in Cyprus and the recent addition of an assistant professor. The new professor’s position resulted in the addition last fall of an undergraduate degree to match the master’s degree created in 1996.

Jubitz supports the Conflict Resolution Program in part because he admires Professor Gould’s work.

“I give Robert an awful lot of credit,” he said. “He and his faculty. They’re the ones who have influenced me.”

Professor Gould has also established Friends of Conflict Resolution, an advocacy group that has helped raise gifts from individuals and foundations. He has lived in Portland his entire life and began working for peace and social justice in the 1960s, counseling young people about the military and peaceful alternatives to global conflict.

He has been involved in the creation of the Northwest Institute for Conflict Resolution, the Peace and Conflict Studies Consortium and the Newhall Nonviolence Institute.

Professor Gould will soon step down as the director of the Conflict Resolution Program. But he is writing a book about the philosophy of conflict resolution and, in his spare time, competing in triathlons and climbing mountains.