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Millennial mind
Millennial mind


What do the Kardashians, women’s college basketball, and a Notre Dame study on income and agreeableness have in common? Goel Auzeen Saedi.

Saedi, 26, has written on all these subjects in her blog, Millennial Media, for Psychology Today. A clinical psychologist slated to earn her Ph.D. this spring from Notre Dame, Saedi brings that lens to the blog, which generated 92,000 hits in the first year. But she also credits PSU film classes taught by Sue Brower for giving her a good background in the media of motion pictures. In fact, she sent a thank-you email to Brower earlier this year.

Funny, poignant, and sometimes referencing her Oregon roots, Saedi’s Psychology Today blog is “a quick and relevant” way to publish, she says. And writing about media for millennials helps her relate to students, a plus for her career goal: psychologist on a university campus. Saedi has interned in the field at Notre Dame, UC-Berkeley, and will soon head to Stanford to do counseling during a post-doc fellowship.

Saedi hopes to keep her career on the West Coast. She grew up in Tualatin and was valedictorian at Sherwood High. At Portland State, Saedi received the University’s Presidential Scholarship—full tuition and fees for four years. She went on to earn a full scholarship to Notre Dame.

University students, she says, are “motivated, enthusiastic and full of potential.” But sometimes they experience “bumps in the road most likely from depression, anxiety, or relationship issues.” As a campus psychologist, Saedi hope to help students level out these bumps and get back on track.