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Legacy of learning
Legacy of learning

Behzad Hosseini’s father, a man who never went to school, instilled in his children the value of a good education. For Hosseini, that meant leaving his native Iran in 1983 and coming to Portland. He was following in the footsteps of his brother, a Portland State graduate who was then teaching on campus. Their sister soon joined them.

Twenty-seven years later, Portland State remains an important focus for Hosseini, director of Information Technology Strategy for Portland General Electric. He shares his expertise as an adjunct instructor in the School of Business Administration, teaching courses in finance, information technology, and management. And in July, after years of serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, he became president.

As vice president last year, Hosseini led the board through a strategic planning process. However, “strategy is not an end,” he says, “it’s a journey.” As president, he hopes to lead the association toward its vision of being a “cornerstone organization” at the University and in the lives of its alumni.

For Hosseini and his wife, Lisa, encouraging their children to earn university degrees is a given. Their daughter, Laila, is attending University of Oregon. However, Keon, their 11-year-old son, wants to go to Portland State like his father and uncle. Hosseini knows his father would be proud. He fondly recalls his father’s oft-repeated motto: “There are times in life that you might lose your wealth, position, and title, but nobody can take away what you have learned.”