Show & Tell: Jodi Glover Thiel from This Design
Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 12:00pm
Show & Tell: Jodi Glover Thiel from This Design

This Thursday at noon come out to say hello Jodi Glover Thiel from This Design!

Jodi is a researcher-strategist-cultural analyst by trade, who geeks out about content, RGB values and story. She also regularly plays in the worlds of UX/UI and copywriting. Pre-sabbatical she created and executed strategic initiatives and participatory design processes in Lebanon and Argentina. Currently, Jodi leads strategy and production at This Design, the latest venture in 15 years of digging into what we delight in, value, and resign to.

Jodi's work has spanned education, startups, tech, and design. She doesn’t care who gets credit; game changing outcomes are her end game.

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