FLUX: PORTLAND - Opening reception
Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 7:00pm
FLUX: PORTLAND - Opening reception

From March 25 to April 8, Portland State University's School of Art+Design will host a number of Themed Portfolio Exhibitions in conjunction with FLUX:Portland 2016, the Southern Graphics Council International's (SGCI) annual conference.

SGCI is the largest print organization in North America. Founded in 1972 by Boyd Saunders at the University of South Carolina as a gathering of southern printmakers, the SGCI has expanded, now including national and international members. Their annual conference has become the largest yearly gathering focused on the field of printmaking. Artists from all 50 states attend the conference. Regular international attendees come from Canada, South and Central America, and Europe.

Join us for a reception on the evening of Wednesday, March 30 from 6-10pm during the School of Art+Design's Open House celebration as we welcome conference attendees to Portland.

Visit our OPEN HOUSE WEBSITE for a complete program of events, activities, open studios, and exhibitions.



Themed Print Portfolio Exhibitions at Portland State University

Southern Graphics Council International Conference, FLUX: The Edge of Yesterday and Tomorrow

On view March 25-April 8, 2016

Reception: Wednesday, March 30, 6-10pm 


After Fields

Co-curated by Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz and Amery Sanford
Participants: Amery Sandford, Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz, Annalise Natasha Gratovich, Ericka Walker, Ashley Nason, Adrienne Miller, Tyler Cannon, Ky Greeley, Hugh Mater, Jackie Nicholas, Annavitoria Conner, Karalyn Reuben.
Portfolio participants considered the historical lineage of the land they occupy and how it is referential to their personal identities.
AB Lobby Gallery, 
Art Building, 2nd floor, 2000 SW 5th Avenue


Dreamscapes: The Ebb and Flow of Time and Possibility

Curated by Brian Lane / Print Zero Studios
This portfolio explores the space where dreams and nightmares exist, where the past and future flow into each other, as interpreted by current and former members of Print Zero Studios.
MK Gallery, Art Building, 2nd floor, 2000 SW 5th Avenue


The World Between: Encounters with Print, Through Print

Curated by Summer Ventis
Themed portfolio based on participants' encounters with printed books.
MK Gallery, Art Building, 2nd floor, 2000 SW 5th Avenue 


Near Mint

Co-curated by Noah Breuer and Breanne Trammell
Near Mint considers the practice of publishing, collecting, and trading prints throughout history and the shifting role of the artist, publisher, and print shop within that history.
MK Gallery, Art Building, 2nd floor, 2000 SW 5th Avenue



Co-curated by Shannon Collis and Erik Waterkotte
Participants: Jessica Barness, Wes Beeler, Stephanie Biesel, Lisa Bulwalsky.
Based on Aspen Magazine (1965-1971), Intermission uses the space of the Thematic Print Portfolio to explore (as creator Phyllis Johnson described) “culture along with play.” 
Neuberger Hall, 2nd floor, 
724 SW Harrison Street (south corridor display cases)


Carrier Pigeon

Co-curated by Kirsten Flaherty and Russ Spitkovsky
Neuberger Hall, 2nd floor, 724 SW Harrison Street (outside Autzen Gallery)


FLUX: The Flowing of the Tide

Curated by Eleanor H. Erskine
The title “Flux: the Flowing in of the Tide” is intended to be open ended, just enough for the invited participants to interpret to meet each individual artists creative vision. Each of the artists selected creates prints, paintings and drawings or artist books that I greatly admire. The participants range in age from 21-86 years old and utilize a full range from traditional to digital processes. Flux: the Flowing in of the Tide is that place where the water comes in to meet the land. It is that place where water and earth caress each other and both give and take from each other. It is the place in between two spaces where the connection creates yet another place, each informing the other. These artists in my opinion are on the cutting edge of contemporary printmaking issues today, as students, teachers, and especially as artists. Each are uniquely informed about printmaking and its history and its wide variety of communication devices. I look forward to how each artist will interpret this title.
Littman Gallery, Smith Memorial Student Union, 2nd floor, 1825 SW Broadway


Ni De Aqui Ni De Alla / Neither Here Nor There

Curated by Rogelio Gutierrez
This portfolio will feature contemporary Mexican printmakers from both the U.S and Mexico. The exchange will unite artists that have similar cultural backgrounds despite efforts made by politicians that aim to stratify populations. The prints will not only reflect issues concerning today’s Mexican/Mexican-American, but also shed light on border issues, and the ever-changing face of this nation. This eclectic group of artists is comprised of traditional, non-traditional, academic, and DIY printmakers. There is a rich history of Mexican printmaking and this portfolio exchange will evidence that this tradition continues to evolve on both sides of the border.
White Gallery, Smith Memorial Student Union, 2nd floor, 1825 SW Broadway


Desert Triangle Print Carpeta

Pop-up exhibit of artist prints from the American Southwest and Mexico.

On view March 30-April 2, 2016

Inspired by Mexican American serigraphs and psychedelic posters, an art agitator commissioned 30 artist from Tucson, Arizona, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, to make prints. While many of the prints were produced in studios of the southwest, a third of the print editions were produced in Mexico at Taller 75 Grados in Mexico City and one at La Ceiba Grafica near Xalapa, Veracruz.
Neuberger Hall, 2nd floor, 724 SW Harrison Street (Printmaking Studio Mezzanine, Room 260)