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Call for Arlene Schnitzer Visual Artist Prize applicants 2017

First Prize: $5,500 
Second Prize: $4,000 
Third Prize: $3,000 

The Arlene Schnitzer Visual Arts Prize is the most important visual arts  
prize awarded annually by Portland State University’s School of Art +  
Design. It is meant to recognize excellence in visual art created by all  
students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees from the School of A+D. 

Students must be majoring in programs in the PSU School of Art + Design  
(Art Practice, Graphic Design and Art History) and enrolled in half-time or  
greater status during Spring 2017 (prior winners of this award are not  
eligible). Winners will be announced in June 2016 and must be willing and  
able to display and help install their work at the exhibit held in their  
honor during Fall term 2017. Please note that this applies to all A+D  
majors creating visual work. 

A jury consisting of School of Art + Design faculty and professionals from  
the visual arts community will judge the submissions and identify the  
winners. Three awards will be made, though the jury can, at its discretion,  
decide not to make awards should they determine that none of the entries  
merit the recognition. 

Entries are due on or before Friday April 28, 2017 (deadline extended)
All submissions will be via; $10 fee to Slideroom  

Slideroom submissions include electronic uploads of the following: 

a) A 100 word artist statement 

b) A brief video artist’s statement (2 minutes maximum) that discusses the  
media and concept you are exploring. This could include process, purpose,  
intention and your own academic and professional goals. 

c) Upload up to 7 images. An “image” presents a single work. Up to one of  
the 7 images can be video or audio clips of no more than 90 seconds. Each  
clip must be a single work, or taken from a single work. Multiple works  
presented within an image will cause that image to be disqualified.  
Exceptions: if one of the presented works is a cohesive series, then one  
installation image and one detail image is permitted. If one of the  
presented works is a designed campaign or packaging series or design  
system, then an image of no more than 4 pieces and one detail image may be  
used to represent the system. In no cases will more than a total of 7  
images, as defined above, be considered by the jury. Failure to adhere to  
the requirements listed above will cause the application to be dismissed. 

d) By applying, applicants agree to participate in the award exhibition the  
following fall, should they be awarded a prize