Undergraduate Studies in Architecture


Our undergraduate program in Architecture is structured around a four-year sequence of required, thematic design studios, from freshman drawing classes to senior explorations of architectural intervention in the city. Students graduating from this program earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

Admission to the undergraduate program follows the normal PSU admissions process, with no special Architecture School requirements for freshman or sophomore entry.

Admission to the Professional Track (Years 3 and 4 of the program), at the junior level, is selective and contingent upon success in the second-year Portfolio Review: following completion of the nine required undergraduate courses in Architecture (ARCH 100, 101, 120, 121, 230, 231, 232, 280 and 281), students submit a portfolio of their design work, which is evaluated along with their grades in the nine required Architecture courses. Those who are admitted to the Professional Track move forward with the undergraduate Architecture program.

Throughout our program, emphasis is placed on the creative act of design through hands-on creation of drawings, artifacts and models. We strongly encourage students to engage in a wide array of media in evoking imaginative ideas and inventive possibilities. As such, the School's facilities support all forms of fabrication, from concrete and plaster casting to welding and metalworking to woodworking to digital milling.

Design studio is enriched by the association of required and elective lectures and seminars in Humanities and Tectonics. These classes introduce, analyze and discuss the complexities of both the cultural and technological influences upon the making of architecture. The program pursues an understanding of architecture as an embodiment of human values while promoting levels of knowledge appropriate for the construction of plausible works. Ethical responses to the contemporary dilemmas of environmental changes are a paramount concern in the teaching of all levels.