Printers and Equipment

The fabrication and digital student lab facilities and resources in Shattuck Hall are part of the University's fee-supported activities and are operated by the Schools of Architecture and Art + Design for the use of students in order to produce work for their classes in these two schools.

Equipment available to students in the Schools of Architecture and Art + Design includes: laser cutter, laser 3D printer, laser router, graphic plotter, standard laser copier/printer, computer workstations and special materials. In order to ensure the best possible experience for all and to maintain Shattuck Hall facilities in the best condition now and into the future; all users are expected to observe safety rules, abide by the Schools' codes of conduct and complete any required orientations, or training before using any equipment. Please see the lab attendants with questions regarding the use of all the equipment.

Purchase copies and prints, and pay for plotter and other equipment usage as indicated by the lab attendant.

Please contact Burke Jam ( with additional questions regarding the Digital Lab, and Eric Jensen ( with additional questions regarding the Materials Lab.