Viking Pavilion Design Team Wins BEST Award
Author: International Interior Design Association, Rocky Mountain Chapter (IIDA RMC)
Posted: October 8, 2018

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The design team for the Viking Pavilion/Peter W. Stott Center renovation at Portland State University (Perkins + Will in collaboration with Woofter Architecture) won a BEST award in the "Learn: Educational" category at the 2018 International Interior Design Association, Rocky Mountain Chapter (IIDA RMC) BESTawards.

Collegiate athletics can provide a foundation for community, unity, engagement, support, and outreach. A building such as the Stott Center is an integral part of three critical functions: attracting top recruits, cultivating donors, and creating lifelong fans. The University’s visionary leaders, however, wanted to provide a place that went beyond sports and could be enjoyed by all. As with many other practice areas and project types, hospitality and experience design trends are strongly influencing high-end sports, recreation, and entertainment facilities. These spaces are often the most tangible comparison a prospective student or recruit can make between schools. The right design can be the unconscious x-factor that entices a student or recruit to choose one school over another. The architecture, interior design, branding, and graphics can help create a strong, holistic experience when designed properly. The design intent was to create a strong connection to the campus by providing both visual and programmatic elements that would facilitate a welcoming environment and draw both patrons and students to the arena. Through collaborative visioning sessions, multiple design iterations, and advanced conceptual renderings, the team developed the main concept of the monumental Viking hull in the lobby. This focal design element is a definitive expression of teamwork for the PSU Vikings. Every crew member must contribute individually and also in harmony as a whole. If a single person is off, it will slow progress. If every crew member works together in unity, there is a majestic forward momentum. The result is a facility whose interior expression articulates waves of comradery and determination that emanate from the arena within. These striking elements were complemented by an environmental graphics package that wove stories, visual imagery, dynamic school colors and interactivity into the entire experience. The interiors were thoughtfully designed to support the students, athletes, alumni, and visitors who use the facility’s weight rooms and locker rooms. In addition, the concourse features comfortable lounges, five classrooms and a café that provide multiple functions for the space and promotes inclusivity for all students, athlete or not. Overall, the space invites attendees to individually personalize their experience within the greater context of Portland State University’s history and accomplishments, while joining together in the arena to cheer on the teams that unite them. Once an anchor of the campus in the 1960’s, the Stott Center was reimagined and returned to its glory as a beacon of unity for all. Located on Portland State University’s campus, the project includes the renovation and expansion of PSU’s Peter W. Stott Center. The facility, originally home to PSU’s athletic, health, and physical education programs, was constructed in 1966.   The project envisioned turning an outdated, inward-focused building, largely characterized by blank brick walls, into a vibrant, welcoming, multi-use facility that supported a wide range of functions including academics, athletics, and general student use. The design team reimagined the facility as a destination that would foster school pride, energize students, attract future talent, catch the eye of donors, and support the surrounding community.